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Mairi Ord MacKenzie is braving the Cold Water Challenge during November.

The veteran fundraiser explains: “This November, I’m immersing myself in cold water every day of the month to help raise money for Cancer Research UK.

“Only it’s not the cold that’s challenging, it’s the weather and the sea conditions!

“My husband Michael died from brain cancer, my dad from bowel cancer not to mention the friends I have living with various kinds of cancer.

“In all reality, 30 seconds in cold water every day for a month is nothing compared to what cancer patients have to deal with.

“1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime. All of us can support the research that will beat it. Help fund life-saving research by making a donation to my page."

The rest of the time Mairi, who formerly dealt with marketing for the Islands Book Trust, is a Digital Storyteller & Analyst at Isle of Harris Distillers Ltd in Tarbert. 

Mairi looks back at each fund-raising day in a blog…for example…

“Day 19 - weirdly warm today, outside that is, not in the sea which is probably the same temp it has been for the last 19 days… don’t really notice a difference in the water. Very misty, went in at mid tides (ebbing) - I don’t like this time as the tide is too fast, combined with the current and a bit of swell it’s a bit challenging. They were moving sheep this morning, those guys must wonder what on earth I’m doing, but it’s all for a good cause, not for fun on days like today.

“Day 18 - blowing a hoolie out there today, didn’t appreciate the additional cold shower from spindrift!! Todays’ swim is sponsored (not really) by Macleans Bakery, Benbecula … the Uibhistich doughnuts giving me a post dip boost.

“Day 17 - oops nearly forgot to post! Late afternoon dip today on the flowing tide for a bit of wave fun. Watching the racing tide breaking round Aird Niseaboist and the swell gathering momentum as it hits the shallows is mesmerising if you have the time, which I did today as I’m using flexi. No one but me, the birds, and the sheep in the beach today…can’t imagine why!

“Day 15 – half-way point, and what an amazing start to the week! So pretty this morning, cold but stunning - so much so that after my dip I sat on the edge of the water to video the waves … I know I sound like a bongollie!

“Day 14 - today is grey and miserable and I honestly did not want to go anywhere! Unsurprisingly junior was not in the mood to be my spotter on the beach either! It didn’t help that it’s day 14 which is 2 weeks in and nearly the halfway point and the end seems so far away. I know from past challenges that halfway is the worst point, it’s where you want to give up most. I’m not a quitter, so despite my reservations we went out - Mother Nature must have been on our side and we got a quick window of light rain, it also wasn’t as cold as it looks. Junior was fascinated by the seal that was obviously interested in the crazy woman in the water. So another day done, let’s hope the weather is kinder this coming week.”

Mairi only set a target of £150 for her 30 x 30 seconds campaign but the total raised so far (Saturday morning, November 20) was £410.0 + £72.50 Gift Aid.