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The first sight of some serious military and civilian hardware had photographers out yesterday afternoon (Monday 29 November), as RAF Lossiemouth’s Venom flight of Typhoon jets touched down at Stornoway airport in the fading light.

Yesterday also offered the first sight of Stornoway airport fire service’s new appliance, needed to maintain the correct level of emergency cover for the heavy-lifting A400M transporter plane, which made its first appearance earlier in the day.

And yesterday evening at 7.15pm the RAF tweeted the start of exercise Agile Pirate, the multi-unit exercise that is set to bring over 60 service personnel and a complete airborne unit of operating equipment to Lewis.

They said: “Today Exercise Agile Pirate started with the deployment of personnel and equipment to Stornoway airport.

“Tomorrow we welcome the first Typhoon to begin rehearsing our ability to operate away from established units.”

Pictures show the two Typhoon jets from RAF Lossiemouth landing and the airport’s special fire safety appliance around 4.30pm yesterday (Jason Spinks) and the RAF loading up troops and equipment from mainland bases ahead of the exercise (Royal Air Force).