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The Bayble pig has gained fame and a huge following overnight, after a fan launched a social media page specifically to report on his adventures.

Bayble pig Furter (as in Frankfurter) now has a Facebook page at with 346 followers, all anxious to see what he gets up to next.

There have been calls to make him the official Bayble mascot, and a question was raised as to why he was not invited to switch on Stornoway’s Christmas lights last week.

But serious concerns have also been raised about the wandering boar’s safety on the roads, with suggestions that he should have a hi-viz harness or jacket, and numerous calls for him to be kept safely behind a fence

Owner Mary Morrison has revealed that Furter is an un-neutered boar and a rescue pig, who came from England at five months old. He has a loving home, but it’s proving hard to keep him within bounds, despite the recent purchase of an electric fence.

She said: “We play who can give him the belly rub that makes him roll over the fastest. My personal best is five seconds and flop, he rolls on side. I just wish that he flopped in the opposite direction to my toes.”

Furter is believed to be a Kunekune pig, a South Asian breed that became naturalised in New Zealand in the 19th century.

In 2017 researchers identified this particular breed of pigs as having remarkable social learning and an astonishingly good memory, which included the ability to remember places and people for over six months, especially when associated with food.

Pictures show Furter in Upper Bayble this morning (Mairi Ross) and at home with his toys and fireside bed (Mary Morrison).