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The speed with which Storm Corrie delivered her blow to north Lewis yesterday evening (Sunday 30 January) has raised eyebrows at the UK Met Office.

In a tweet this afternoon, the national meteorological service showed a chart illustrating the sudden spike in gust speeds felt by everyone in the islands between 6.05 and 6.20pm on Sunday evening.

The Met Office explained: “As the centre of Storm Corrie cleared eastwards in Sunday, wind gusts increased from around 23mph to around 92mph within just 15 minutes in the Western Isles of Scotland, thanks to a squally north to northwesterly airstream developing.”

That represented a speed increase of 69mph in just 15 minutes, with most people well aware of the storm’s fury during that time.

There’s to be more explanation of what happened in the islands on BBC Radio Scotland this afternoon, with Richard Cooke of Western Isles Weather interviewed by Highlands and Islands news reporters for the evening news bulletin.

Wind peak chart from the Met Office.