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NHS Western Isles have now started issuing letters inviting parents to make an appointment for vaccinations for youngsters aged 5-11.

They say:"If your child is aged 5-11, please look out for their COVID-19 vaccine appointment letter.

"Getting your child vaccinated is your choice, but please read your letter and accompanying information before making your decision.

"Remember you can attend your child’s appointment and ask the vaccinator questions before giving final consent."

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Meanwhile the latest update from NHSWI Chief Executive Gordon Jamieson said there had been 124 new cases across the Western Isles, but no figures were given about which islands were affected 
NHSWI have 2 vaccination clinics today, both in Western Isles Hospital. Full clinic details at
On Sunday 13 March there were  76 cases: 49 LFD & 27 PCR. NHSWI only had locations for the PCR positives that day: 1 on Uist, 2 on Harris and 24 on Lewis.