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Will the summer shows be back?

There are hints that a partial programme of summer shows may be on the cards for the islands, though announcements made through side-channels may prove premature.

In an ordinary year, the date of each district’s gala, agricultural show or fun day would be firmly drawn into the calendar while the tents were coming down from the previous year.

But normal service has been interrupted, and local show committees are understandably cautious about making any firm commitments to summer events.

Some shows have definitely stated that they will not go ahead. They include South Harris Agricultural Show, whose committee announced last month: “Unfortunately, the 2022 South Harris Agricultural Show will not be going ahead, but keep an eye out for other events we will be hosting this year.”

But last week, fish farm company Mowi salmon hinted at some more positive news, when it announced the allocation of the Mowi salmon wagon to shows in Lewis and North Uist.

The salmon wagon was due for launch in 2020 but was, of course, thwarted by the pandemic. It’s been designed by Mowi to feed gatherings of people, at the same time raising vital funds for local communities.

The wagon is due to arrive, fully stocked by Mowi and manned by their chefs, at North Uist Agricultural Show on Thursday 21 July and at Lochs Show in Laxay on Saturday 23 July.

There are hints of other events on local noticeboards, with Point Show’s date of Saturday 9 July confirmed last week, but for definite news on summer events going ahead, we may be in for a longer wait. 

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The picture shows the Mowi salmon wagon, set for appearances at shows in Lochs and North Uist (Mowi salmon).