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Erect house and polycarbonate tunnel

Planning consent is being sought to erect a house and polytunnel at 21B Coll. The application by Alan Whittle of Coll Pottery includes the siting of a static caravan for the build duration. The proposal is to build a two-storey four-bedroom home.

Change of use

Artist Fiona Mackinnon of 10 Ranish is seeking planning consent to convert the former Kinloch Historical Society Hall in Laxay into a studio and gallery.

In her application to the Comhairle, Mackinnon says the former book store building has lain empty for two years. She now hopes to use the space as a studio and gallery to produce and sell artwork, including acrylic on canvas and small A5 litho prints. The opening hours would be Monday to Saturday, 9.30 to 6 pm.

Under the proposals submitted, the retail space of 26.78 square metres would be retained for displaying the artwork and the existing office space used as a studio.

Erect a polycrub

A prior notification form has been received by the Comhairle for the erection of a polycrub at 2A Back. Applicant Nellie Maciver, of the same address, plans to erect a 12.4 metre by 4 metre polycrub tunnel for vegetable growing.

Erect a pod

A proposal to site a camping pod at 1 Garynahine has been submitted to the Comhairle. 

Applicant David MacLennan, of the same address, wishes to site the pod for holiday let on the part of the croft previously occupied by a polytunnel.