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A new Arthroplasty Practitioner, Nicola Libby, has been added to the team, says NHS Western Isles’ Orthopaedic Service.

Nicola will begin her post from June 27 and will spend some time working alongside her colleagues in the orthopaedic multidisciplinary team to get a feel for the patient journey and where she can make the most impact.

This role will be an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team and Nicola will take a person-centred approach to following patients undergoing total hip and knee replacements from their first point of contact with the surgeon to discharge home after surgery.

For patients currently on the waiting list for a total hip or knee replacement, Nicola will begin to make contact with them over the coming weeks to offer support and advice in terms of optimizing health and wellbeing whilst they wait for a date for surgery.

This input should enhance recovery and reduce the length of time required in hospital.

Nicola said: “I am so excited to be taking up this new role, having worked with orthopaedic patients for many years. I have personal experience of undergoing major joint surgery which allows me to understand and empathise with patients regarding their hopes, fears and anxieties.

“When the pandemic began I went to work in the vaccination team however was involved in the setting up of the pre-admission clinic, enabling arthroplasty patients to be admitted on the day of surgery. I hope to expand on this work and liaise with arthroplasty practitioners in other health boards and utilise data and feedback to continue to improve patients’ experiences.”