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Yesterday (June 22) saw the Young Islanders Network (YIN) kick off event and website launch take place at Back Football Club. Schoolchildren and their parents gathered to celebrate with cake and games.

Following the success of the 2021 The Young Islanders Challenge, the Young Islanders Network has been developed in partnership between the Scottish Government, the National Islands Plan, and Youth Scotland and is due to be formally launched later this summer.

The Young Islanders Network will span ages 5-25 and include inhabitants of all of Scotlands islands, from Shetland to Arran.

The objectives outlined in the National Islands Plan aim to tackle issues which impact young islanders as much as any other demographic, but previously young people have gone unconsulted solely because of their age. 

YIN aims to redress this by giving a voice to young people throughout the implementation of the National Islands Plan, whilst also empowering them to take pride in their island homes and partake in training opportunities, youth awards and community challenges.

Pictures show young people gathered at Back Football Club yesterday, and the celebratory cake being cut.