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The result of the council by-election yesterday (Thursday 30 June) in Uig and Carloway was finally declared after 4pm this afternoon after two hours of manual counting with the seven candidates meaning there had to be six stages of counting to find a winner 

Sgìr Ùige agus Carlabhagh ward had insufficient candidates in the election of 5 May, with councillor Ranald Fraser elected unopposed.

One further councillor has now been elected from the following candidates:

Sgìr Ùige agus Carlabhagh: Sophie Boyd Brown of Crowlista, Uig; Laura Cameron-Lewis of Aird Uig; Jamie Dobson of Ungeshader, Uig; Anne Elizabeth Edwards of Gearrannan, Carloway; Norman Misty Macdonald of Stornoway; Iain Joesph Mackinnon, address in the CnES area; Donald John Macleod of Arnol, Barvas.

Norman Misty Macdonald of Stornoway: 222 votes

Jamie Dobson: 128 votes

Sophie Boyd Brown: 113 votes

Laura Cameron-Lewis: 96 votes

Anne Elizabeth Edwards: 57 votes

Donald John Macleod: 11

Iain Joesph Mackinnon: 1

There was a 47.7% turnout. Six ballot papers were spoiled or void.  

So Independent candidate Norman 'Misty' Macdonald is elected councillor.