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Townships covered by community landowner Stòras Uibhist that haven’t yet applied for  goose management grants are urged to contact the trust to discuss their plans for 2023.

With Greylag geese being a perennial and growing problem, Stòras has made £500 available to each township to carry out goose management work.

Comment Stòras in their latest newsletter: “We are the most active estate in the Outer Hebrides for goose control, committing more funds to the problem than any other estate or NatureScot.”

The estate keepers have shot hundreds of birds. And the estate is working closely with NatureScot to support their efforts to lobby the government to increase funding for control. 

All the geese shot by Stòras staff are butchered and sold for meat. Hebridean Charcuterie, based on Lewis, buys the bulk of the birds.

Meanwhile, Stòras Uibhist is also keeping a close eye on deer numbers and has culled a large number of ‘problem deer’ in the vicinity of Iochdar and Milton.

In August, Stòras Uibhist commissioned a helicopter count of the deer population, overseen by NatureScot. The aerial count tallied 316 stags and 684 hinds, the majority of which were located in the more remote eastern areas of the estate.

The Stòras newsletter notes: “We will be culling a large number of hinds throughout the winter as well as continuing our ongoing policy of dealing with problem stags in the low ground.”

All the meat is butchered and sold at Lovat’s Supermarket, Oifis Stòras, or from Neighbourfood @ Tagsa (