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The beaches in Uist have been compared positively to the Seychelles and the Caribbean by UK magazine, The Spectator. Though not for the temperatures.

Writing in the last issue, Marianna Hunt says: “With ivory dunes tumbling down to turquoise waters and the occasional chatter of a faraway pod of dolphins, the beaches of Uist, a collection of islands in the Outer Hebrides, could easily be mistaken for some of the most popular bays in the Seychelles or Caribbean. The only giveaways are the brisk breeze that nips your ears and the dearth of other visitors.”

She laments that the award-winning beaches “remain stubbornly off the mainstream tourist map.”

However, she goes on to list five reasons “why a trip to Uist can rival a beach holiday in the Caribbean or by the Indian Ocean.”

These comprise the beaches, wildlife, food, activities, and the price.

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