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If you dig the Tagsa Uibhist community gardens on Benbecula, the community project is asking people to consider dipping into their wallets to support the charity’s crowdfunding appeal.

The gardens are located at East Camp Enterprise Park at Balivanich and aim to promote gardening as a way to enhance health and well-being.

The garden project also acts as a showcase for local food production.

The gardens provide a therapeutic environment for vulnerable adults supported by Tagsa, including the Elderly and Dementia Support (EDS) group, as well as individuals with mental and physical challenges, allowing them an escape from an otherwise-challenging life.

The campaign hopes to raise £18,000 to create jobs for four part-time staff.

Another major component of the project is recycling. For the past four years, the community gardens have been recycling fish-farm waste, such as netting and fish tanks, which would otherwise go to landfill. The netting is used for windbreaks while the redundant fish tanks are repurposed as compost bins and raised planters to grow fruit and veg.

As well as recycling, there is a focus on simple steps the community can take to reduce its carbon footprint.

The wider community also enjoys the availability of fresh garden produce, growing materials, and plants.

The appeal is at

This explains: "For the past four years our gardeners have been dedicated to the recycling of wish-farm waste, otherwise redundant and destined for landfill, such as netting for windbreak structures, plastic fish-tanks (80+) for compost bins and raised planters, and, most recently, large plastic fish-cage structures for further raised planters for fruit and veg. We strive to expand this recycling of waste, and saving it from going into landfill.

"By continuing to promote composting, recycling of waste, and raising awareness of simple steps to be taken in carbon footprint reduction, through therapeutic gardening activities, and local food production.

"An open invitation has been extended to the Uist & Barra Foodbank to access our products and services, and to the wider community in Uist, in the availability of fresh garden produce, growing materials, and plants ready to plant out in their own gardens across the islands."

At the time of writing on Tuesday October 18, the appeal had a wee mountain to climb to reach their £18,000 target, with only three donations totalling £80.  But there was lots of time left to bridge the gap.