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It’s an ill wind that blows no good, as proved by the wind power results of one of the most disappointing summers in recent years.

Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn (UOG) reported in their November newsletter today (Monday 28 November) that the year to September 2022 proved a highly productive spell for wind turbines on the island.

They demonstrated that 10 of the 12 months since October 2021 allowed their turbines to perform at or above the projected megawatt hours.

Their graph shows the performance over the year, with actual megawatt hours compared to forecasts - the total result was 118% against the annual forecast.

In the newsletter today, a spokesperson for UOG said: “Although the summer weather was largely disappointing, the one upside was that the wind speeds were much higher than expected and created the best return since the turbines were installed.

“This has been very welcome after the long period of very little production caused by the subsea cable failure in autumn 2020.”

The chart shows the turbines’ performance since October 2021 (UOG).