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Mast upgrade

MBNL has notified the Comhairle of proposals to upgrade telecommunications equipment at Bakers Road, Newmarket, under permitted development rights.

The proposals are to replace three antennas at the height of 14 metres, install a cabinet on the tower base, and carry out ancillary development.

According to their notification letter, the new antennas at Beinn Na Saighde will have a similar appearance to the existing antenna on the head frame. The replacement antennas will have the same finish and colour as the existing equipment, albeit slightly bigger. The overall height will remain the same at 15 metres.

The letter adds: “This ensures that the visual impact of the development on the surrounding area has been minimised so far as practicable.”

Erect a house

Planning permission is being sought to erect a 1.5-storey dwelling at 58C Coll.

The applicant, Magnus Mackay, of a redacted address in Inverness, hopes to build a three-bedroom home on a 1600 square metre plot of former croft land.

Erect a house

Planning permission is being sought to build a three-bedroom home at 3C Ballantrushal.

The applicant, Donald Mackay of 3 Ballantrushal, wishes to build on a 900 square metre plot of land 60 metres southwest of 3 Ballantrushal.