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Erect a cottage and studio

Planning permission is being sought to construct a single-storey two-bedroom cottage, a one-bedroom studio, ancillary accommodation and a workshop at Pier Cottage, Leverburgh.

The applicant is Paul Mercer of Ballakinnag Cottages, Ballaugh, Isle of Man, who wishes to develop the site currently occupied by the ruins of Pier Cottage.

According to the submitted design statement, the design for the cottage and studio is intended to be a modern interpretation of a traditional Hebridean blackhouse. It is proposed to use stone salvaged from the existing ruins or sourced locally to match the existing stone. The northeast elevations are to be clad with Scottish larch.

The cottage will follow the orientation of the original Pier Cottage and the adjacent ruin but be set back from the front of the existing ruins. The studio will orient as per the remaining ruin on the site.

The design statement adds: "The finished floor level of the buildings will be raised to 4.2 metres above local datum. This is to ensure adequate resilience from predicted future sea level rises. The surrounding ground and stone revetment on the southwest boundary will be brought up to 4.0 metres above local datum to both define the boundary and create further protection from predicted future sea level rises."

The proposed workshop is for the applicant's mechanical engineering design, development and prototyping business.

Notes the design statement: "The machinery that will be operated in the proposed workshop does not produce sound levels that would be audible to the neighbouring properties and is of a similar sound level to an air source heat pump. The maximum sound level measured at the machinery's present location is 54dB at 1 metre from the building."

It concludes: "If approved, we believe the proposed development will substantially improve the visual amenity of the site and provide a sustainable, well-insulated, environmentally sound place to live and work."

Erect an agricultural building

A prior notification has been received by the Comhairle of a proposed agricultural building at Skiren, Borve.

The applicant, Gavin Simmons, of the same address, intends to construct an 11 x 4-metre wood frame building to store crofting supplies and occasionally shelter livestock.