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Woodland creation

The Comhairle has been notified of plans to create a woodland area at 6 Torastay, Caversta, Lochs.

Scottish Forestry is consulting with the Comhairle over crofter Robert Tai Sen Choy’s proposals to establish native woodland on a 2.33-hectare site adjacent to a sea loch to improve biodiversity and enhance the local landscape.

The proposed site at Caversta is on the lower slopes of the croft in an area that contains lazy beds and several remnant rowan trees.

The proposed plantation would comprise 35% Downy birch, 20% Eared and Grey Willow, 20% Common Alder, 10% Hazel, 3% Aspen, 1% Sessile Oak, and 1% Holly.

The area would be ringed by 706 metres of deer fencing, as Red Deer are fairly common in this part of Lewis.


Erect extension

Planning consent is being sought to build a rear extension, detached garage and polycrub at 35 Swainbost, Ness.

The applicant, Anne Finlayson, of the same address, wishes to build an extension at the rear of the property to form an en-suite bedroom and lounge/dining area.

The garage and polycrub are to be sited beside the existing dwelling.

Erect Nissen hut

Proposals to erect a Nissen hut and create access at 38 Leurbost, Lochs, have been submitted to the Comhairle.

The applicant, Grant Robertson, of the same address, is seeking planning permission to build in the garden ground adjacent to the existing dwelling.

Erect a house

In principle planning consent is being sought to erect a house at 3A Earshader, Uig.

The applicant, Neil Johnston, of Sealladh A Sguir, North Ballachulish, wishes to build a single-storey, three-bedroom dwelling.

Retrospective planning permission

Kinloch Community Council is seeking retrospective planning permission for a series of new developments at Keose.

An application for retrospective consent has been submitted for the public outdoor meeting area, which comprises a hardstanding area, picnic benches, the siting of boulders to restrict vehicle use, and the construction of the shore access path.

Also in need of planning permission are the following:

  • Repairs to existing peat tracks to support crofting and community activity and addition of footpath to a viewpoint. Improvements to existing passing places and new turning areas;
  • Repairs and improvements to the existing right of way, which historically connected the village of Keose to the townships of Croigarry and Leurbost via Miavaig and now provides access to the Keose Glebe common grazings. Siting of a picnic bench at the end of the track;
  • Repairs to the existing footpath and track. Installation of traffic control bollards to replace the existing gate and the creation of a new path and levelled area. Installation of a war memorial and flagpole. Installation of a picnic bench;
  • Removal of a rocky outcrop to create a level hardstanding for a viewing platform and location for picnic benches (retrospective). Additional hardstanding for siting estate Portacabin and storage container. Creation of accessible parking space to the side of the existing fank track.

In their applications to the Comhairle, the community council explained that there had been a misunderstanding that improvement works would not require planning permission.

Erect an agricultural building

A Prior Notification for non-residential farm-related building works has been submitted to the Comhairle regarding the erection of an agricultural building at 7 Gress.

The applicant, Kenneth Smith, of 18 North Tolsta, plans to build a 9 x 7 metre building opposite the dwelling at 7 Gress.

Erect a polycrub

A prior notification has been submitted to the Comhairle for a polycrub at 39 Habost, Ness.

Applicant, Malcolm Morrison, of the same address, intends to instal a 10.6 x 4.2-metre polycrub.

Install bike hire dock

Brompton Bike Hire has requested planning permission to install an eight-bike hire dock in the South Beach Car Park.

On behalf of HITRANS, London-based Brompton Bike is working with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar to install a self-contained, automated bike hire dock station for eight folding bikes.

According to the submitted design statement, the unit requires no excavation, connection to public utilities or on-site construction. It would be bolted to the existing car park surface and has a solar-powered mobile data connection.

Notes the design statement: “Following discussions with the council Roads Department, the unit will be situated within the Keep Clear zone adjacent to the car park entrance and electric vehicle charging points. The proposed location is between two rows of parking bays, allows easy access for users and avoids conflict with vehicles within or entering the car park. There will be no reduction to the existing parking provision or restriction to car park users.”