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Community Land Outer Hebrides has urged that the South Uist estate’s burgeoning deer population be brought under control.

Commenting ahead of next week’s vote on deer eradication, the organisation, which advocates for sustainable land use by land trusts, states that a deer management plan should be agreed upon with NatureScot.

The statement issued by the Community Land Outer Hebrides Board of Trustees says: “We recognise the importance of ensuring the deer population is maintained at an appropriate level allowing the community and deer population to coexist harmoniously, the importance of our deer population to our ecology, providing quality local food produce and the positive contributions management activities make to the economy.

“Community Land Outer Hebrides, therefore, support the responsible management of the Red Deer population across our island communities in accordance with the Code of Practice on Deer Management and encourage the development and implementation of Deer Management Plans agreed with NatureScot to maintain sustainable population levels.”