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Hopes have risen that the An Cotan Childcare Centre might be saved - and its possible closure date has been delayed. 

UHI Outer Hebrides says it has extended the timeline for consultation on the proposed closure of An Cotan Childcare Centre following positive discussions with its community partners.

Joe MacPhee, Director of External Engagement and Growth, said: “We have been proactively pursuing discussions with a range of organisations, all of which have been positive.

"As a result, we’ve extended the consultation timeline to enable further discussions to take place with our staff, parents, key stakeholders, and union representatives.

"We have been working hard to explore solutions which would avoid the loss of this critical community childcare provision and very much welcome the statement made by NHS Western Isles and discussions with the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership yesterday.”

The Board of Management at UHI Outer Hebrides will meet on 28 March 2023 to consider a revised timetable and consultation on the proposed closure of An Cotan will continue.

"We have provided reassurances to staff and parents that An Cotan will now remain open until the end of May 2023, at least, providing more time to explore alternatives to closure and consult with staff and union representatives."