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Work is moving fast on Stornoway’s new deep water terminal, taking shape within Stornoway harbour at Arnish.

In their latest newsletter, published yesterday (Thursday 16 March) Stornoway Port Authority and contractors McLaughlin and Harvey report on significant activity during February and plans for what comes next as March progresses.

The bulk of dredging work has been completed, and reclaimed material placed and compacted within what will be the quay area.

A total of 49,000 tonnes of rock were blasted in February and a further 22 tubular and sheet piles placed to form the quay walls.

Starting this month, a wall of shorter piles will be placed to form an anchor wall approximately 35m back from the quay walls.

Steel tie rods will be fitted and tensioned between the two walls, using a specialist system which allows the tension to be adjusted to provide the required support for the piles.

The area behind the quay walls will then be filled in with rock bringing the space behind the quay walls up to the same level as the rest of the reclamation area.

This work is expected to take around 12 weeks and, meanwhile excavation will be completed of the new access road leading to the deep water terminal.

The next stage will involve the creation of ducting and services along the sides of the road.

The pictures show the new access road and quay area with the infill completed and are provided by Stornoway Port Authority.