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Erect a polycarbonate tunnel

A prior notification has been submitted to the Comhairle for the erection of a polycarbonate tunnel at 40 Northton.

The applicant, Gary Craven, of the same address, intends to install an 8.5 x 4.2-metre polycarbonate tunnel for vegetables and fruit.

Upgrade of radio mast

Airwave of Bellshill, Glasgow, have applied for planning permission to replace antennas and update ancillary equipment at the Gormal radio mast in Maraig.

The company has submitted a planning application after being advised that the proposed works did not amount to permitted development due to the mast’s location within a National Scenic Area. Emergency services use the telecommunications mast.

According to a supplementary submission, the proposed development involves adding replacement antennas to the existing mast.

The submission notes: “No additional height is required for the mast to accommodate the antennas. If the antennas are not located on the mast, a new ground-based mast will be required.”

The proposed works are also to be carried out within the existing site.