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Catalogue 37                    May 2023


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1. The Loyal Lewis Roll of Honour. H.B. Published in 1916, 1st Edition. This record of the men from the Island of Lewis who served in the first year of the Great War. Also, gives a timeline from each month from August 1914-January 2016. The full record of those who served in WW1 was Published in 1920. Gives a list of subscribers at the end of the book. 327 Pages. First page which was blank is missing from the book , otherwise in good condition. £175

2. Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. The Outer Hebrides, Skye and the Small Isles. Ninth Report With Inventory of Monuments and Constructions in the Outer Hebrides, Skye and the Small Isles. H.B. Published in 1928. 10 Chapters, Index and Maps. 230 Pages. £200

3. Evil Eye in the Western Highlands by R.C. Maclagan. H.B. Published in 1902. 52 Chapters, Appendix, Index. 232 Pages. £45

4. Jura Red Deer. Some Account of Jura Red Deer. Facsimilie Reprint of the book originally published in 1890 by H. Evans. H.B. Published in 1993. Only 200 copies were printed of which this is no 9. 38 Pages. £45

5. Kilcumein and Fort Augustus by Dom Odo Blundell, O.S.B. H.B. Published in 1914. Contents: Kilcumein, Fort Augustus: War, Fort Augustus: Peace, Forgotten Veterans, Appendix. Includes Illustrations. 72 Pages. £45

6. An Historical Enquiry Respecting The Performance on the Harp in The Highlands of Scotland From the Earliest Times, Until it was Discontinued, about the Year 1734. In which is prefixed an account of a very ancient Caledonian Harp and The Harp of Queen Mary Illustrated by Three Elegant Engravings by John Gunn. H.B. Published in 1807. Fully Rebound. 112 Pages. £150

7.West Calder and Its Lodge (Constituted 13th March 1818) By James Carroll. H.B. Published in 1967. A history of the first 150 years of the Lodge. 6 Chapters, 3 Appendixes. Includes Photographs. 115 Pages. £20

8. Sketch of the Civil and Traditional History of Caithness From the Tenth Century by James T. Calder. Second Edition With Historical Notes. Map and Illustrations. H.B. Fully Rebound Published in 1887. 15 Chapters, Appendix, Postscript and Notes to Second Edition, Miscellanous, Caithness IX 1887. Includes Illustrations. 368 Pages. £65

9.General View of the Agriculture in the County of Perth with Observations on the Means of its Improvement By James Robertson D.D. Minister of Callander in the County of Perth. H.B. Rebound Published in 1799. Contents: Preface, Introduction, Preliminary Observations, Geographical State and Circumstances, State of Property, Buildings, Mode of Occupation, Inclosing Fence and Gates, ArableLands, Grass, Gardens & Orchards, Woods and Plantations, Wastes,Improvements, Livestock, Rural Economy, Political Economy as Connected with or Affecting Agriculture, Obstacles to Improvement, Miscellanous Observations, Conclusion and Appendixes. 575 Pages. £150

10. The Birds of Eigg by John Chester. P.B. Published in 2013. Contents: Introduction, Systematic List, Photographs, Appendices. 159 Pages. £8

11.Scottish Independence An examination of the Scottish Government’s proposals for Scottish Independence. Booklet, printed in 2014. 75 Pages. £6

12.Pol Gorm Reflections. Gaelic Poetry and Historical Information by John Murdo Macdonald 1932-2010. Booklet printed in 2014. Poems,stories and photographs. 50 Pages. £6

13. Transactions of The Highlands and Agricultural Society of Scotland with An abstract of the proceedings at Board and General Meetings, and the premium offered by the Society in 1939. Fifth Series. VOL LI. 22 Chapters. Contents include; Agricultural Of Orkney, AI, Economic Aspects of the Sheep Industry, Recent Grassland trials in the South East of Scotland, Insects and Other Pests of 1938, Prices of Sheep since 1818, Prices of Wool Since 1818, etc, etc. Includes Appendixes and Illustrations. Also, includes a list of members for that year. H.B 739 Pages. £20

14. Transactions of The Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland with An abstract of the proceedings at Board and General Meetings, and the premium offered by the Society in 1941. Vol LIII. 19 Chapters, Appendixes. Contents include; The Maintenance of Soil Fertility, War Time Stock Feeding, The Bracken Problem, Insects and Other Pests of 1940, The weather in Scotland in 1940 etc, etc. 308 Pages. £15

15. Eastwood Golf Club A Centenary History by J.S. Paterson. 1893- 1993. H.B. Published in 1993. 18 Chapters and 11 Appendixes. Includes statistics of club trophies, prizewinners a list of Captains. Includes Illustrations. 159 Pages. £15

16.Island Voices by Fiona Macdonald. H.B. With D/J Published in 1992. Interviews conducted with 30 Hebrideans, some native born and others who moved into the respective areas. The interviews covers people in the following islands; South Uist, Skye, Coll, Mull, Iona, Harris, Berneray, Lewis, North Uist, Raasay, Tiree and Barra. 175 Pages. £10

17. The Resurgence of Arminianism by Rev Kenneth Macrae, Stornoway. Booklet, date of printing unknown. Contents: The Doctrines of Arminianism, The Historical Aspect, A Fresh Start, The Faith Mission and the Lewis Revival, Conclusion. 32 Pages. £6

18.Edinburgh Zoo. Zoo Guide and Map. Booklet, date of printing unknown. Contents include; first beginnings, the zoo today, the animals, primates, carnivores, hoofed animals, rodents & marsupials, birds, reptiles & amphibians, learning for life, working together, the way forward, the zoo…. And you. Includes a map and photographs. 60 Pages. £6

19. Inveraray Castle & Gardens. Written by her Grace the Duchess of Argyll. P.B. Published in 2015.Includes text and photographs. 95 Pages. £8

20. The Falkirk Wheel. Booklet printed in 2012. Text and Colour Photographs. 39 Pages. £8

21.Second Sight and Prophecy by AJ Mackenzie. A4 Size Publication which looks as if it was privately printed and not very widely circulated. 17 Pages. £10

22. Census of Scotland 1951. Preliminary Report of the Fifteenth Census of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1951. The Book is in Three Parts: One: Introduction, Two: Summary -Population of Scotland, Notes on Individual County Populations, Gaelic Speaking Population. Three: Population Tables. 47 Pages. £45

23.Tuath is Tighearna Tenants and Landlords. Edited by Donald E. Meek. H.B. Published in 1995. This is the first printed anthology of Gaelic poetry dealing with the Clearances and the Land Agitation. Contents: Preface, Bibliography, Introduction, Editorial Principles and Perspectives, Poems and songs, Translations, Glossary, Biographies of the Poets, Biographies of Political Figures, General. 332 Pages. £15

24.Teachers and Change in the Western Isles. An Oral History 1975 to 1981. By M.B. Macleod. Ph.D. 2003. Submitted in fulfilment of the degree of the Doctor of Philosophy. University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. H.B. Contents: The Literature Review, Methodology, Oral History in Action, The Cultural Context, The Plan of Action, The Curriculum Change,The Teacher’s Experience, Policy Into Practice, Conclusions, Bibliography, Index. 285 Pages. £65. Scarce

25. Fair Isle An Island Saga. By Valerie M. Thom. H.B. With D/J Published in 1989. 12 Chapters, Photographs and Index. 147 Pages. £8

26. Eilean Fraoich Lewis Gaelic Songs and Melodies. P.B. Published in 1938. 1st Edition. The book is in 4 parts: Part One: Published Songs and Airs, Part II: Unpublished major Songs and Airs, Part III AND iv Orain Luaith and Puirt a Beul. 111 Songs in Total. 111 Pages. £20

27. Tobraichean Solais. Wells of Joy. The Gaelic Religious Poems of the Rev Murdoch Campbell. With Translations by Kenneth Macdonald. And Notes by David Campbell. P.B. Published in 2013. 10 Poems in total. Gaelic with English translations. Includes a short biographical feauture on the author and includes photographs. 103 Pages. £6

28. The Modern SNP From Protest to Power by Gerry Hassan. P.B. Published in 2009. 16 Chapters all written by different writers. 230 Pages. £8

29.Christian Women Compiled by Annie Morrison. Booklet, printed in the early 2000’s. The women profiled are; Catherine Mackay, Barvas, Gormelia Maclean, Shawbost, Bean a Mhillion, Margaret Mackenzie, North Tolsta, Jessie Maciver, Carloway, Flora Macdonald, Barvas, Margaret MacDiarmid. 35 Pages. £6

30. Why Patagonia by Greta Mackenzie. P.B. Published in 1995. Retracing the steps of many island people who sought employment on the vast sheep estancias of Patagonia and elsewhere throughout the South American continent in the early years of last century. 7 Chapters includes many photographs. Also, has a list of all those from the Island of Lewis who went to Patagonia. 108 Pages. Ex Library. £8

31. Churches to Visit in Scotland. Illustrated by John R Hume. P.B. Date of Publishing unknown. The Indispensable Guide to over 750 Abbeys, Cathedral’s Churches and Other Places of Worship in Scotland. 398 Pages. £8

32. Donald Dewar Ate my Hampster and other tales by Ron Ferguson. H.B. With D/J Published in in 1999. A collection of the author’s columns in the Herald newspaper. 40 Columns in total. 160 Pages. A presentation copy signed by the author. £8

33. Country Ways and Different Days by Hamish Watt. The author’s second collection of stories of the North East of Scotland, sixty of his columns from the Farm Journal.158 Pages. £8

34. Mutiny. Highland Regiments in Revolt 1743-1804. By John Prebble. P.B. Published in 1975. 3 Chapters, Appendixes, Acknowledgements, List of Sources, Glossary of Highland Surnames, Index. 541 Pages. £6

35. The Folk Music Revival in Scotland by Ailie Munro. Including the Folk Revival in Gaelic Song by Morag Macleod. P.B. Published in 1984. Contents: Setting the Scene, The Story of the Revival (USA), The Story of the Revival (Scotland), The Folk Revival in Gaelic Song, The Travelling People, Appendixes, Recordings, Glossary, Bibliography, Song Index. 359 Pages. £8

36. Clan Donald Society of the Highlands and Islands Newsletter. Autumn 2012, Autumn 2013, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Autumn 2015, Spring 2016, Autumn 2016. A5 Size Booklets. £10

37. The Highland Vet. A Year at Thurso. Guy Gordon and the Thurso Veterinary Team. H.B. With D/J Published in 2022. Contents: Hogmanay, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. 323 Pages. Includes Photographs. Twenty Eight Chapters in Total. 323 Pages. £8

38. A Shilling for Your Scowl. The history of a Scottish legal mafia by James Shaw Grant. The story of Donald Munro who was Factor or Chamberlain of the Island of Lewis in the late 1800’s 19 Chapters. 212 Pages. £8

39. Bard Bharabhais. Dain, Orain is Sgeulachdan le Domhnall MacDhomhnuill Gobha ann am Barabhas. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1920. Fichead Orain agus cunntas mu beatha a Bhaird. 87 Duilleag. £20

40. St Columba’s Old Parish Church Stornoway. 1794-1994. By W.A.J. Cunningham. Contents: The Building of the House, Fabric, Ministers, Gaelic Services, Manses, Organ and Choir, Furniture, Congregational Publications, Tokens, Affiliated Organisations, Appendices. Includes Photographs. 35 Pages. £8

41. Sermons by the late Rev John Macsween. P.B. Published in 1999. 20 Sermons in total and a short biography of the Rev Macsween. 135 Pages. £8

42. Reading the Line. An English languagew lined -out Psalmody tradition in Presbyterian Scotland by Norman Campbell. Booklet, printed in 2005. 32 Pages. £8

43. Lewis A History of the Island by Donald Macdonald. P.B. Published in 1990. One of the most authoritative works ever to be published on the history of the Island of Lewis. Contents include; Pre Historic Lewis, The Norse, The Macleods, Mackenzies, The Mathesons, The People, Housing, Agricultural, Fishing, The Church, Armed Services, Smuggling, Law and Order, Education, Emigration, The Leverhulme Period, Years of Change, Bibliography, Notes, Index. 24 Chapters and Photographs. 224 Pages. £8

44.The Hebrides at War by Mike Hughes. P.B. Published in 1998, this edition is from 2014. Contents: RAF Operational Base Oban, 1939-1943, Oban Royal Navy Base, Commonwealth Comrades in Arms, Oban RAF Training Base, Tiree, Benbecula, Tobermory, Women in the Services, Islay, Stornoway and Other Bases, 3 Appendixes, Glossary, Conclusion, Acknowledgements. Includes Photographs. 120 Pages. £10

45.Lewis and Harris Seamen 1939-1945 by John & Annie Morrison. A4 Size Publication printed in the mid 1990’s. Stories of bravery, courage and endurance of Seamen from Lewis and Harris during WW2. 107 Pages and includes photographs. £10 Includes newspaper cuttings.

46. Sea Sorrow. The Story of the Iolaire Disaster. Booklet, Originally printed in 1960. This reprint is from 1972. Compiled by James Shaw Grant. This booklet was printed after a contemporary account of the Iolaire disaster appeared in the Gazette in 1959. 40 Pages and includes a list of all those of were lost on the Iolaire.Includes a newspaper cutting. £8

47.Criomagan. Comunn Eachdraidh Nis. Ness Historical Society. A magazine that was a special edition from 2018, to mark the centenary of the Iolaire tragedy. The magazine covers those from the Ness to Ballantrushal who were on the Iolaire, includes many photographs. 27 Pages. £6

48. When I Heard The Bell. The Loss of the Iolaire by John Macleod. H.B. With D/J Published in 2009. Eight Chapters, Appendixes, Includes a list of all those lost and saved, Sources and Acknowledgements. Photographs. 192 Pages. £10

49.The Soap Man. Lewis, Harris and Lord Leverhulme by Roger Hutchinson. H.B. With D/J Published in 2003. The story of Lord Leverhulme’s ownership of Lewis and Harris from 1918 until the mid 1920’s. 9 Chapters, Notes, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 236 Pages. £8

50. Metagama A Journey from Lewis to the New World by Jim Wilkie. H.B. With D/J Published in 1987. This book is the first in depth study of emigration from the Isle of Lewis to Canada and North America -a history spanning 150 years. Ten Chapters, includes interviews with a number of emigrants and a list of all the passengers who sailed on the Metagama in April 1923. Includes Photographs. 208 Pages. £15 Signed by the author 100 years to the day the Metagama left Stornoway 21/04/2023

51. The Church in the Highlands or the Progress of Evangelical Religion in Gaelic Scotland, 563-1843 by John Mackay.H.B. Published in 1914. Contents: The Columbian Celtic Church, 563-1068, The Medieval Church, 1068-1560, The Reformed Church 1560-1650, The Persecuted Church 1650-1701, The Declining Church 1701-1796, The Awakening Church 1796-1843. Index. 280 Pages. £65

52. Gaelic Proverbs. Tha gu leor cho math ri cuilm. Enough is as good as a feast. Edited by Alexander Nicolson. P.B. This edition was published in 1996. Contents: Alexander Nicolson and his Collection, Malcolm Macinnes, Title Page of the First Edition, Dedication of First Edition, Preface, Gaelic Proverbs and Familiar Phrases, Sayings In Verse, Verses from the Gillies Collection, Duncan Lothian’s Proverbs in Verse, Appendixes and Index.473 Pages. £8

53.Annals of the Free Church of Scotland 1900-1986. P.B. Published in circa 1987. Continued from Ewing’s Annals of the Free Church of Scotland: 1843-1900. Compiled by G.N.M. Collins. A list of all the Ministers who served the Church during this period and also all those who were Principals and Professors in the Free Church College. Includes a list of Moderators of the Church, and those post 1986 have been written in pen at the end of the book. 64 Pages. £8

54. Wonderful Conversion of Three Highland Girls or the story of the Lord’s Dealings in Leading them to himself. Pamplet. Originally printed in July 1910, this reprint is from January 1950. Printed by the Publications Committee of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. 31 Pages. £8

55. Eilean an Fhraoich. The Glasgow Lewis and Harris Association. 94th Annual Gathering 6th November 1981. Programme of the event. A5 Size Booklet. Text, adverts, Gathering Programme, List of office bearers. 45 Pages. £6

56. The Lord is Risen Indeed. Sermons by the Rev Roderick Morrison, Minister Emeritus of Stornoway High Church and Formerly of Lochcarron. H.B. Published in 1951.Twenty Three Sermons in Total.143 Pages. £8

57. Am Measg Nam Bodach. Co chruinneachadh de sgeulachdan is beul aithris a chaidh a chraobh sgaoileadh air an fhritheud eadar Samhuinn 1936, agus an Gearran 1937.H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1938. Chaidh na sgeulachdan a chruinneachadh ann am Barraigh, Beinn a Bhaoghla, Cannaidh, Eige agus Ruma, Colla, Diura, An T-Eilean Sgitheanach, Eirisgeidh agus Uidhist a Deas, Eisdeal agus Luinn, Na Hearradh, I, Ile, Leodhas, Muile, Ratharsair, An Scarp, Tiriodh, Uidhist a Tuath. 148 Duilleagan. £15

58. An T-Eilean A Tuath. Leabhar bardachd air fhoillseachadh le Comunn Leodhais agus na Hearradh Ghlaschu. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1972. Orain agus Bardachd a Leodhas agus na Hearradh. Tha a Bhardachd air na cuspairean a leanas: An t-Eilean, Orain a Bhritheimh, An Seoladair, Orain Aotram, An Cogadh, An Gaol, D.R. Moireasdan, Orain Red. 40 Orain uile gu leir. 77 Duillegan. £8

59. Sgeul an Draoidh Eile. Eanruig Van Dyke. Air a thionndadh gu Gaidhlig le Eoin G. Mac Fhionghuin. Leabharan air fhoillseachadh ann an 1938. Air a chuir a mach ann an Albainn le Iain Latharna Caimbeul. 45 Duilleagan. £20 (Gann)

60.The Hugh Barron Papers. The Collected Writings of Hugh Barron. H.B. Published in 2011. 24 Papers in total. Contents: Notes on the Ness Valley, Some Gaelic Verses from the Aird, Notes on the Aird, Some Gaelic Verses from North Inverness Shire, Verse, Story and Fragments from Various Districts in Three Parts, Some Notes on the Parish of Kiltarlity, Notes on Bards (1977), Strathnairn Notes, The Urquhart Settlement in Nova Scotia, Sgeulachdan a Siorramachd Inbhirnis in Three Parts, Bewest The Water,The Clan Fraser in Various Wars,Dan na h-Iomairt, 1757, Some Proverbs from Glenurquhart, Poems and Letters by Kenneth Mackenzie, Some Notes on Laggan in the Nineteenth Century, Some Notes on the Gillespies, an Inverness -shire Sheep Farming Family, Shinty in Laggan. 485 Pages. £15

61. Lest We Foreget. The War Memorials of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and other significant Monuments by Philippa Fraser of Moniack. P.B. Published about 2011. Contents:War Memorials of the Highlands, War Memorials of the Outer Isles, Other Significant Monuments, Index,Abbreviations, Map. Includes many photographs. 144 Pages. £8

62. Gaelic Riddles and Enigmas. (Toimhseachain agus Dubh Fhacail) By Alexander Nicolson. H.B. Published in 1938. The book is in Gaelic but with English Translations. Contents include; Times and Seasons, Animals, The Elements, Food and Drink, Members of the Body, House Furniment, Clothing, Common Objects, Relationship, Biblical, Arithmetical Questions, Miscellaneous, etc, etc. 103 Pages. £25

63.Dain Thaghte Ghaidhlig. Selected Gaelic Poetry for reading and recitation. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 17 Dain uile gu leir. Bardachd a sgriobh Iain MacLachlainn, Niall Macleoid, Seumas Mac an rothaich, Alasdair MacNeacail, Eoghan MacColla, IaIn Caimbeul,Iain Mac Na Cleirich, Uilleam Mac Dhun-Leibhe,Calum MacPharlain. 32 Duilleag. £15

64.Clarsach an Doire. Gaelic Poems, Songs and Tales by Neil Macleod. H.B. Published in 1924. Fifth Edition. 88 Dain, 15 Translations, 4 Sgeulachdan. 274 Duilleagan. £8

64. English Translation of the First Canto of Domhnullan. A Gaelic epic in four canto’s by Rev Donald Maccallum, Minister Emeritus of Lochs Lewis. Booklet, Printed in 1927.Contents: Argument, Prelude,Dedication toDomhnullan Neil Bhig, Blessing of his Goistidh,Broadcast from his Goistidh,Broadcast to his Goistidh, First Canto -Dawn. 30 Pages. A presentation copy signed by the author Rev Maccallum. £30

65. It Must be Stornoway. The Story of the Stornoway Pier and Harbour Commission 1865-2004 by Catherine Mackay. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005. 9 Chapters and a list of all those that served on the Harbour Commission. Includes Photographs. 288 Pages. £8

66.Salt in the Blood. Scotland’s Fishing Communities Past and Present by James Miller. P.B. Published in 1999. Contents:The Old Communities, Sail and Storm, Lines and Hooks, Silver Darlings, From Sail to Engine, Between the Wars, Distant Waters, Changes at Sea, Cod Wars, Saving The Fish. Includes Photographs. 250 Pages. £8

67.Eminent Aberdonians. Edited by Alexander Keith. Forty profiles of eminent Aberdonians. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. Profiles include Sir Alexander Anderson, Provost George Fordyce, The Menzies Family, Sir Patrick Manson, Gibbs, Sir James Taggart, Archibald Simpson, Robert Gordon, William Tawse,James Chalmers,William Walker, John Morgan, Charles Melvin, James Melvin, Sir Alexander Bannerman, etc,etc. Includes Photographs. 186 Pages. £12 Includes a newspaper Cutting.

68.Gnathasan Cainnte. Gaelic Idioms. Compiled by Duncan Macdonald. H.B. Published in 1932. 124 Pages. £15

69.Stornoway & District Roll of Honour Second World War. Edited by Malcolm Macdonald. A4 Size Publication printed in 2004. A very comprehensive record of nearly 1200 individuals from the Stornoway area who served in WWII. Includes a short biography and a photograph of each individual. 160 pages. £10

70. Cnoc Chusbaig. Orain agus Dain le Uilleam MacChoinnich, Leodhas. Gaelic Songs and Poems by William Mackenzie, Lewis. H.B. With D/J Published in 1936. 8 Orain agus 6 Orain le Peigi Nicchoinnich. 61 Duilleagan. £20

71.Apostles of the North by the Rev Norman C Macfarlane. H.B. 1st Edition. Published in the late 1920’s. Sketches of Some Highland Ministers. There are sketches of 17 Eminent Ministers in the Book including; John Macdonald, John Macrae, Robert Finlayson, Alexander Macleod, Donald Murray, Roderick Macleod, Peter Maclean, Donald Sage, George Mackay, Lachlan Mackenzie etc,etc. 246 Pages. £25

72. Running the Race. Eric Liddell Olympic Champion and Missionary by John W. Keddie. P.B. Published in 2007. 13 Chapters, Appendixes, Biographical Bibliography, Notes, Index and Illustrations. 256 Pages. £8

73. Island of Sorrows by Frank Marshall. War stories about people and places on the Island of Lewis. Booklet, printed in 2001. 39 Pages, includes Photographs. £8

74. St Columba’s Church in Aiginish. The Church of the Ui. By Bill Lawson. Booklet, printed in 1991. Contents: The Ui Church in its Setting, Torquil Macleod IV, Roderick Macleod VII, Torquil Macleod VIII,Roderick Macleod X, William Mackenzie, 5th Earl of Seaforth, The Tacksmen, Roderick Morrison, The Crofting of Point, Mary Carn Mackenzie, Knock Church, The Mathesons, A Drowning Tragedy, The Aiginish Raid, William Mackenzie, Aignish Today.44 Pages. £6

75. The Prophesies of the Brahan Seer by Alexander Mackenzie. H.B. With D/J Published in 1970. With Modern Footnotes, Maps and Illustrations.9 Chapters, Illustrations. 111 Pages. £8

76.The Free Church of Scotland Appeals 1903-04. Edited by Robert Low Orr. Authorised Report. H.B. Published in 1904. 30 Chapters and Index. 623 Pages. £35

77.Johnston’s Gazetteer of Scotland. Including a Glossary of the most common Gaelic Names. Revised by R.W. Munro. H.B. With D/J Published in 1973. Third Edition. 353 Pages. £10

78. Loch Ewe During World War II BY Steve Chadwick. P.B. Originally Published in 1996, this revised and updated second edition is from 2014. 18 Chapters, Postscript, The Russian Arctic Convoy Museum Project, Maps of the Loch Ewe area. Includes Photographs. 126 Pages. £8

79. Rock Lighthouses of Britain. The End of an Era? By Christopher Nicholson. P.B. Published in 1995. 15 Chapters, Appendix, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 208 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting about the Stornoway Lighthouse. £10

80.Glimpses of Portrona. Being Pictures true to life of Stornoway People of a generation well nigh past. By the late Rev R.M. Stephen. Edited with a foreword and a biographical sketch of the Author by REV r. Morrison High United Free Church Stornoway. H.B. Published in the 1920’s. 59 Chapters. 280 Pages. £35

81. A Description of the Flannan Isles and their Birds by A.Anderson, T.B. Bagenal, D.E. Baird and W.J. Eggeling. Reprinted from ‘Bird Study’ Vol 8, No 2, pp 71-88. Pamphlet.17 Pages. £8

82.A Natural History of St Kilda by John A. Love. P.B. Published in 2009. With ink drawings by the Author.15 Chapters, Bibliography, Index. Plates, Figures and Tables. 351 Pages. £15

83.Ships of the ‘45. The rescue of the Young Pretender by John S. Gibson. With a preface by Sir James Ferguson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1967. Nine Chapters, 2 Appendixes and Index. Includes Illustrations. 172 Pages. £15

84. Country Sonnets and Other Poems by Robert Rendall. H.B. Published in Nov 1947. Third Impression.Contents: Country Sonnets, Sonnets on Christian Faith, Lyrics and Orkney Poems, Tailpiece. 48 Pages. £10

85. The Isle of Foula by Ian B. Stoughton Holbourn. P.B. Published in 2001. A series of articles on Britain’s Loneliest Inhabited Isle. 15 Chapters, Memoir and Appendix. 278 Pages. £15

86.Shetland Fishing Saga by C.A. Goodlad. H.B. With D/J Published in 1971. Contents: Environmental and Climatic Factors, Earliest Settlement and Scandinavian Era, The Growth of Commercialism, The Haf Fishery, Nineteenth Century Cod Fishing,Herring Fishing from 1700-1914, Shetland Fisheries, 1940-1968, Summary and Conclusion, Selected Bibliography, Index. List of Figures. 343 Pages. £20

87. Voyages of the Vital Spark. Para Handy’s Guide to the West Coast of Scotland by B.D. Osbourne & R.N. Armstrong. Booklet, Printed in 1988. 54 Chapters. 64 Pages. £8

88. The Railways of Shetland by Wilfrid F. Simms. Booklet, printed July 1997.. 17 Chapters. 57 Pages. £8

89.The Navvy in Scotland by James E. Handley. H.B. With D/J Published in 1970. Contents: The Navvy, The Work in Two Parts, Living Conditions, Wages, The Truck System, Casualties, Quarrels, Welfare, The Navvy Writers, Bibliography, Index. 378 Pages. £25

90. The Vital Spark. The Writing of Neil Munro. By Brian D. Osbourne. An article from the Scottish Book Collector in October 1990. 5Sheets of A5 Stapled together. £5

91. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Vol LXVI No 17 1965-66. The Major Ultrabasic and Basic Intrusions of St Kilda, Outer Hebrides by R.A. Harding. With Two Plates, Eight Text Figures and Five Tables. Printed in 1967. Booklet. A3 Size. 25 Pages £25

92. The Sutherland Book. Edited by Donald Omand. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. The book is in Three Parts; Natural Environment, Historical, General. Includes Figures. 329 Pages. £15 Includes a newspaper cutting.

93.Mill Hill School Register 1926-1957. By Tom F. Jackson. H.B. Published in 1959. Contents include; Headmasters, House Masters, Assistant Masters, Medical Officers, Bursars, Index. 215 Pages. Printed for Private Circulation. £25

94.Fair Isle’s Garden Birds by John Holloway. H.B. Published in 1984. Contents: About the Author, A Diary of Birds seen from the Fair Isle Shop between February 1978 and February 1983, Garden Birds seen by the author elswewhere, Ornithological recollections as told by each of the Fair Isle households, Map of Fair Isle, Acknowledgements, Index. 159 Pages. Includes a letter from the author to the buyer of the book. A newspaper cutting and also signed by the Author. £20

95.The Church in Arran from the earliest period to the present day. By the Rev J. Kennedy Cameron. H.B. Published in 1912.Contents: The Arran People, Paganism, Early Christianity, Medieval Christianity, The Reformation, Episcopacy, Moderatism, Erastianism,Ecclesiastical Activity, Voluntaryism, The Present Prospect, Appendix, Index. 188 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting about the church in Arran from 1928. £20

96. Handbook of Gaelic Phrases and Sentences. With Pronunciations and English Equivalents. By Malcolm Maclennan.New Edition revised and Enlarged by Alexander Macfarlane. Booklet,printed in 1949. Reprinted in 1962. 64 Pages. £10

97. Lewis Revivals of the 20th Century by Rev Norman Macleod. Booklet, printed in 1988. This booklet is produced from an address given in August 1988 by Norman Macleod to the Summer School of Theology in Larbert. 17 Pages. £6

98. A Survey of the Antiquities of North Rona by Helen C. Nisbet and R.A. Gailey. Reprinted from The Archaeological Journal, Volume CXVII and Published by The Royal Archaeological Institute, June 1962. 29 Pages. £25

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220. Raasay. Pamphlet about the Island. Not Dated. 4 Pages. £5

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222. The Scottish Coast to Coast. By B.G. Smailes. 128 Miles West to East From Oban to St Andrews Over Road, Track, Forest and Fen. An Essential Guide to Help you complete the Scottish Coast to Coast Walk. P.B. Published in March 2000. 10 Chapters, 8 Appendixes, Plates. 66 p[ages. £6

223. Those Other Times by Bess Ross. P.B. Originally Published in 1991, this edition was published in 2001. A novel. 256 Pages. £6

224. General View of the Agriculture of the Northern Counties of Scotland Including the Counties of Cromarty, Ross, Sutherland, and Caithness, and the Islands of Orkney and Shetland With Observations on the Means of Their Improvement by Sir John Sinclair, Bart. H.B. Originally Published in 1795. The book is fully rebound. Contents: Preliminary Observations, Cromarty, Ross, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney Isles, Shetland Isles, Conclusion, Appendix. 326 Pages. £85

225. Crofting Years by Francis Thompson. P.B. Published in 1984, this reprint is from 1988. 14 Chapters, Appendix and Illustrations. 141 Pages. £8

226.Crotal & White by Finlay J. Macdonald. Scenes from a Hebridean Boyhood. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. 1st Edition. 14 Chapters. 172 Pages. £8

227. Letter Card Guide to Stornoway and The Island of Lewis. Booklet, Revised Edition. Date of Printing not given. Contents: Stornoway, The Point District, The Tolsta District, Ness, The Carloway ‘Loop’, Uig, Lochs, Harris, Map. 49 Pages. £15 (Rare)

228. A Guide and Views of The Isle of Lewis. Booklet, 8 Pages of Text and Photographs. £5

229. Eagles, Lambs and Land Management on Lewis By J.D. Lockie Nature Conservancy, Edinburgh and D. Stephen Brackenhirst, Airdrie. Booklet, 8 Pages. Printed late 1950’s. £10

230. The Castle Grounds by Peter Cunningham. The Stornoway Woods and Nature Trails. Contents: General Description of the Woods and their Natural History, Willowglen Trail, Creed Trail, Appendices: List of Trees, List of Shrubs, List of Birds, List of Flowering Plants, Lists of Fungi, Ferns, Lichens and Mosses, Bye Laws, References, Map. Booklet, printed 1978. 38 Pages. £8 Signed by the Author.

231. Leabhar Fon Tholastaidh. Booklet, 4 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown possibly 1980’s. £5

232. Leabhar Na Fon. Nis Gu Siadar. Booklet, 16 Pages. The first time the phone book for the area was compiled and printed. Includes a newspaper cutting about the book and a presentation copy from the Ness Community Association to the purchaser. £8

233. Notes on Birds Observed at the Butt of Lewis by Robert Clyne. Reprinted from the Scottish Naturalist April 1915. The birds observed by the author who was a lighthouse keeper at the Butt of Lewis between the years 1908-1914. 14 Pages. £25

234. Grinneas Nan Eilean 1978. Catalogue. Booklet,16 Pages. contains a list of the artists who were displaying their work that year and also what their work was. £8

235.Coast Westers. Proese and Poems and in -between by school pupils from the Western Isles. Booklet, date of printing not given. 31 Pages. £8

236. Hebridean Gifts 1982-83. From the Old Croft House Orinsay South Lochs. Booklet. 12 Pages. £6

237. An Cogadh Mor 1914-1918. The story of some of those who served in the Great War from the Western Isles. P.B. Published in 1982. Includes interviews with those still living at the time and has many photographs. £8

238.Skye and the Hebrides. Volume I. Rock and Ice Climbs by John R. Mackenzie and Noel Williams. 17 Chapters, Index and Illustrations. 352 Pages. £10

239. The Hebrides in Old Picture Postcards By Francis Thompson. H.B. Published in 1992. Second Edition. 76 Postcards with text. £8

240. The Lighthouse Stevensons by Bella Bathurst. The extraordinary story of the building of the Scottish lighthouses by the ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson. P.B. Published in 1999. 10 Chapters, Illustrations, Bibliography and Index. 265 Pages. £8

241. Uig A Hebridean Parish Parts 1 and II By H.A. Moisley and Members of the Geographical Field Group. This survey was conducted in the Uig Parish of Lewis between 1956 and 1961. Booklet, printed circa 1961. Contents: Introduction, Phusical Background, Some Historical Aspects, The Crofting Structure, The Atlantic Coast, The Uig Bay District, Aird, Valtos, Kneep and Reef, Little Loch Roag District. 56 Pages. £45

242. Uig A Hebridean Parish Parts III and IV By H.A. Moisley and Members of the Geographical Field Group. Booklet, printed in 1962. Contents: The Bernera District, The East Loch Roag District, The Carloway District, Agriculture in a crofting Parish, Population and Employment, Conclusions. 158 Pages. £45

243. Park A Geographical Study of a Lewis Crofting District By Dr J.B. Caird and Members of the Geographical Field Group. Contents: Members of the Party, List of Maps and Diagrams, List of Tables, Foreword, Introduction, The Environment, The Making of the Crofting Landscape, The Pattern of Crofting, The Townships of Park: from Shieldernish and Seaforth Head to Orinsay, Summary and Conclusions, Appendixes: Park in Comparision with Other Crofting Districts, Sheilings, The Place Names of Park. Booklet, printed early 1960’s. 40 Pages. £45

244. The Hebrides a Cultural Backwater by E. Cecil Curwen. Printed in booklet form and I think this first appeared in the magazine Antiquity in 1938. 29 Pages. £20

245.The Village Names of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides by Magne Oftedal. A study conducted in 1950 and 1951. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 46 Pages £25

246.Aerial Studies of a Breeding Colony of Grey Seals, Halichoerus Grypus (FAB), at Gasker, Outer Hebrides, In 1955 and 1956 by J. Morton Boyd. Booklet, 13 Pages. £20 A complimentary copy signed by the author.

247.Uibhist a Deas le Domhnall Iain MacDhomhnaill. Booklet, air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982. Clar Innse: A Bhliadhna Uibhisteach, Iomradh goirid air eachdraidh an eilein, Na Fudaichean, Doigh Beatha agus teachd an tir, Gniomhachas agus cur seachad uine, Beul Aithris, a measg nam Bodach. A Chriochnachadh, da Appendix. 64 Duilleagan. £8

248. A Guide and Views of The Isle of Harris. Pamphlet 8 Pages of text and photographs. £6

249. A Tweed Tale. The Story of Harris from Wool to Weaver. Pamphlet. 10 Pages, printed circa 1985. £8

250.The South Harris Agricultural Society Show 1978. Catalogue of the Show. A5 Size Booklet, gives the various sections of the show and the prizes. Includes adverts. 38 Pages. £8

251. Eadar Am Port ‘s An Cambar. Bardachd, Duanagan,sgeulachdan a’ Bearnaraidh na Hearadh. Booklet, air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982. Air a dheasachadh le Ruairidh Macleoid. 24 Duilleagan. £6 Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the book.

252.The Scottish Naturalist Volume 64. No 3. Winter 1952. Notes on the Isle of Gasker by Robert Atkinson and Brian Roberts. Booklet, 9 Pages. £8

253. Isle of Harris Tourist Guide Book. Issued by Harris Council of Social Service. Booklet, date of printing unknown. A5 size. 28 Pages of text and adverts. £8

254. Harris A Guide and Gazetteer and Scalpay A Miscellany. 2 Pamphlets. Possibly printed in the early 1980’s. £8

255. When I Think of Scarp. Recollections of a Hebridean island by Rachel Macdonald as told to her daughter, Morag Mackinnon. An article from the Scots Magazine from April 1965. £5

256.One Man’s Lewis By the Breve George Morrison. A lively View of a Lively Island. P.B. Published in the early 80’s. A selection of the Breve’s Column’s in the Stornoway Gazette. 125 Pages. £8

257. The Eishken Estate by David S.D. Jones. Booklet, printed in 2009. Contents: Author’s Preface, Foreword, Park Deer Forest and Sheep Farm 1610-1863, The Park Shootings 1863-1883, The Denys Years 1883-1885, The Park Deer Forest 1886-1924, The Eishken Estate 1924-1977, The Eishken Estate 1977-2009, Gamekeeping at Eishken, Eishken Recollections by Elizabeth Macinnes of Balallan,. Includes Photographs. 56 Pages. £10

258. A View From North Lochs Aimsir Eachainn. Hector Macdonald. Introduction by Brian Wilson. P.B. Published in 2007. A Collection of Aimsir Eachainn’s columns from the West Highland Free Press. The columns are from 1981-1988, includes an Introduction, Foreword and Biography. 320 Pages. £8

259. More Views from North Lochs Aimsir Eachainn Hector Macdonald. P.B. Published in 2009. A selection of the Columns from 1989-1995. 352 Pages. £8

260. The Heart is Highland. Poems by Malcolm K. Macmillan. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 50 Poems. 44 Pages. £10

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262. The Literature of the Scottish Gael by The Rev Donald Maclean. H.B. Published in 1912. Three Chapters. 80 Pages. £20. Boards look as they have suffered from dampness.

263. An Enormous Chemical Blunder. The Story of the Lewis Chemical Works by Ali Whiteford. P.B. Published in 2017. Contents: The Journey to Lewis, Peat, Politics and People, The Lewis Chemical Works. 19 Chapters in Total and an Epilogue. Photographs. 255 Pages. £8

264. Orkney Feuds and the ‘45 by R.P. Fereday. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. 12 Chapters, Notes and Index. 176 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the book. £15

265. All Her Glories Past. The Zetland Lifeboat by David Phillipson. P.B. Published in 1994. 18 Chapters and a Bibliography. 125 Pages. £8

266.Frederick Llewellyn Deane Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney. By W.G. Sinclair Snow, Elliott Prizeman in Scottish History Edinburgh University 1931. Vicar of Bognor Regis. H.B. Published in 1952. Eight Chapters, 2 Appendices. 116 Pages. £20

267. Handbook and Guide to The ‘Misty Isle of Skye’. Printed by Duncan Macintyre Stationer Portree. Booklet, printed in 1921.Contents includes; Principal Ways of Reaching Skye, The Royal Route to Skye, Portree, Portree and Surrounding Country, Circular Tours, Royal Visitors, Memories, etc. 112 Pages. £15

268. Tweeds Guide to Glasgow and the Clyde with Illustrations on Steel and Wood and a finely executed Map of the City of Glasgow. H.B. Date of printing unknown. 96 Pages. £30

269. The Statistical Account of Sutherland by The Ministers of the Respective Parishes. H.B. Published in 1841. Contents: The Parish of Dornoch, Parish of Creich, Parish of Golspie,Parish of Rogart, Parish of Lairg, Parish of Farr,Parish of Durness,Parish of Assynt,Parish of Edderachillis, Parish of Kildonan, Parish of Clyne, Parish of Tongue, Parish of Loth, General Observations on the County of Sutherland, Index. 227 Pages. £65

270. The Decline and fall of St Kilda. Proceedings of an International Conference organised by The Islands Book Trust in August 2005 to mark the 75ty anniversary of the evacuation of St Kilda. P.B. Published in 2006. Contents: Introduction and Conclusion, Opening Remarks, Population trends and the Medical Background in Population Decline, Church, Visitors, and Natives another book about St Kilda, St Kilda: Wildlife, Travellers, Tourists and Naturalists, The Scottish Office and St Kilda 1885-1930, The Decline and Fall of Mingulay, Foula’s Fight for Survival, The Blasket Islands, The Faroes. 128 Pages. £10

271. Scottish Farming Past and Present by J.A. Symon. H.B. With D/J Published in 1959.Twenty Seven Chapters, 4 Appendixes, Illustrations. 475 Pages. £30

272. Glencoe and The Indians. A real life family saga which spans two continents, several centuries and more than thirty generations to link Scotland’s clans with the native peoples of the American West by James Hunter. P.B. Published in 1998. 6 Chapters, Appendix, References, Bibliography, Index and 2 Maps. 224 Pages. £8

273. Skye The Island by James Hunter and Cailean Maclean. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. 188 Pages of Text and Photographs. £10

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276. St Kilda A Submarine Guide. A Diver’s Guide to St Kilda. By Gordon Ridley. Second Edition November 1983. Booklet. 48 Pages. £10 (Scarce)

277.Skye A Traveller’s Guide by Christine Wiener. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. 1st Edition. Contents: Approaches to Skye, A Chapter on Castles, Prince Errant, I had Desired to Visit the Hebrides, The Heart is Highland, Pleasure Island, Fine Island fare, A Short List of Island Hotels and Tourist Offices, A Short List of Books, Index. Illustrations. 103 Pages. £10

278. Pronnagan. Gospel Advent in Barvas Parish. Booklet, originally published in 1948, this updated version is from 2008. Contents: Foreword, Acknowledgements, Spiritual Awakening, Faith Expressed, Brotherly Love, Spiritual Giants, Appendices. The Booklet is in Gaelic and English. 43 Pages. £8

279. The Natural History of Shetland by R.J. Berry and J.L. Johnston. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980, this reprint is from 1986. With 29 colour photographs, 44 photographs in black and white and 47 line drawings. Contents; Island Life and the Place of Shetland, Geological History, Natural History of Man in Shetland, Vegetation, The Sea, Whales and Seals, Lochs and Burns, Land Animals, Terrestrial Birds, Seabirds, Birds of Fair Isle, Shetland Naturalists, Oil and the Natural Environment of Shetland, Conservation, 2 Appendixes, Bibliography and Index. Includes Plates. 380 Pages. Includes newspaper cutting about the book. £15

280. A Guide to Shetland’s Breeding Birds By Bobby Tulloch. P.B. Published in 1992. Contents: Introduction, Where to Look for Birds, Shetland’s Breeding Birds, General Information, Index. Text and Photographs. 87 Pages. £8

281. Twisted Tales. A Collection of Short Stories by Malcolm Hulme. P.B. Published in 1995.26 Stories in Total. 116 Pages. £8

282.Key Notes. The History of Lerwick Orchestra by Susan Cooper. P.B. Published in 1996. Contents: Foreword, Introduction, The Early Years, Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, A.R.M. Mathewson, Post War Conductors, The Sixties and Seventies, Dr T.M. Y. Manson and the Present Day, Members Music, Bibliography, Illustrations. 56 Pages. £8

283. Walking the Coastline of Shetland No 5. West Side. P.B. Published in 1995. By Peter Guy. 96 Pages. £8

284.An Island Miscellany By James W. Irvine. Stories and Articles With an Island Flavour. 15 Chapters. 149 Pages. £8

285. Wast Wi Da Valkyries. Poems in English and Shetland Dialect By Christine De Luca. H.B. With D/J Published in 1997. Contents: Wast Owre, Idder erts,Idder fock, Idder Times, Survival Tactics, Poems for Bairns, Alzheimer sequence, postscript. 87 Pages. £8

286.The Norn Language of Orkney and Shetland. P.B. Published in 1998. By Michael P. Barnes. 58 Pages and Illustrations. 58 Pages. £8

287. The Lochaber Narrow Gauge Railway By Patrick Howat. Booklet, printed in 1980. 10 Chapters, 9 Appendices, Maps. 72 Pages. £8

288.Hunting and Hunting Reserves in Medieval Scotland by John M. Gilbert. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. Contents: Section A: Introductory Narrative. Section B: Institutional Analysis, 3 Appendixes, Notes, Glossary, Bibliography, Index. Tables, Maps, Plates. 447 Pages. £25

289. Scotland In Film by Forsyth Hardy. H.B. With D/J Published in 1990. 10 Chapters, Filmography, Bibliography and Principal Sources, Index, List of Plates. 250 Pages. £10

290. The Scottish Forester by John Davies. P.B. Published in 1979. 6 Chapters, Figures, Reading List. Includes Illustrations. 69 Pages. £8

291. Collectanea de Rebus Albanicis Consisting of Original Papers and Documents Relating to the History of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Edited by the Iona Club. H.B. Published in 1847. 1st Edition. This Edition was Originally Printed for Private Circulation Only Among the Members of the Iona Club. Contents: Documents Illustrative of the History of the History of Icolmkill and the Bishoprick of the Isles, Documents Illustrative of the Custom of Fosterage in the Highlands, Miscellanous Documents, Genealogies of the Highland Clans, Extracted from Ancient Gaelic MSS, Extracts from the Norse Sagas, Illustrative of the Early History of the North of Scotland, and of the Influence of the Norwegian Pirates Upon its Inhabitants, The Gaelic Poem ‘ A Eolcha Albain Uile’Original Documents Continued, Documents Illustrative of the History of the Fisheries in the West Highland and Isles, Documents Illustrative of the State of Education, Religion and Morals in the Dioceses of the Isles and Argyll in the Reigns of James VI AND Charles I, Documents Illustrative of the History of Clan Gregor, Documents Connected with the Succession to the Estates Possesed By William Macleod of Dunvegan Who died in the Year 1553, Documents Connected With the General Intercourse of Trade Between the Highlands and Lowlands and More Particularly The Trade of Cattle Dealing in the Highlands and Isles, Documents Connected with the Preservation of Game Woods in the Highlands and Isles, Contracts of Friendships, Bonds of Maintenance and manrent and Other Similar Documents, etc, etc. 362 Pages. Plus Appendices. £85

292. Coll Island of the Hebrides by Diane Ogg. H.B. Published in 1988. 12 Chapters, Glossary, Island Information, Index. Includes Photographs. 63 Pages. £10

293. The Last of the Clan. General Roderick MacNeil of Barra 41st Chief of the Clan MacNeil by Keith Brannagan. P.B. Published in 2010. 11 Chapters, Sources, Acknowledgements, List of Illustrations, Index. 159 Pages. £10

294. My Island The True Story of a Silent Challenge By Maggie Gordon. Illustrated by Hamish Rosie. H.B. Published in 1999. The story of Hamish Rosie, who is pre lingually profoundly deaf and who was born in Orkney. He had to leave his home to face the rigours of a specialist school for the deaf in Aberdeen at the age of four in order to take up the only educational opportunity available to him. There he gained a scholarship to a specialist school in Surrey, where he was the first Scottish boy ever to attend and he went on to be Head Boy. He gained a place at Kingston College of Art where he trained as an exhibition and graphic designer and became student of year. This is the story of his life. 15 Chapters, Author’s Postscript, beautiful illustrations by Hamish Rosie. Foreword by Rory Macdonald (Runrig) 116 Pages. Signed by the author and the illustrator. £10

295. Orkney Islands. Official Guide. Booklet, date of printing unknown. Articles include; Industries, Kirkwall, Kirkwall Castle, St Magnus Cathedral, The earl’s Palace, Old Houses, Hoy, Walls, East Mainland, Holm, The Parish of Orphir, Trout Fishing in Lochs, Stromness, Bowling, Boating and Sea Excursions, Hotel and Other Accommodation, etc, etc. Includes Adverts and Photographs. 60 Pages. £10

296. The Crofter & The Laird by John McPhee. H.B. With D/J Published in 1969, this reprint is from 1972. The story of an American journalist who took his family to live on Colonsay for a Summer in the 1960’s. Against a fascinating background of the island’s early history, traditions and superstitions, John McPhee describes the lives of the islanders now and depicts especially the crofter, working out his existence in the last domain of the feudal system, and the laird, who owns the island and, in asense, everyone on it. 159 Pages. £8

297. The Island Blackhouse. Historic Scotland Publication. A Guide to the Blackhouse No 42 Arnol by Alexander Fenton. Booklet, originally printed in 1978. This reprint is from 2003. Contents: A personal impression, the blackhouse at 42 arnol, Blackhouses on the west side of lewis, change and conservatism, the village of Arnol, the economic pattern, crofting tenure, sources. 44 Pages. Includes Photographs. £6

298.Tales of An Orkney Island by W.M. Gibson. P.B. Published in 1987. (Stronsay Volume 3). 24 Chapters, 8 Appendices, Index. 153 Pages. £12

299. In From The Cuithes. An Orkney Anthology. Edited by Howie Firth. H.B. Published in 1995. The Orkney Islands have produced a remarkable number of talented writers through the years. This anthology gathers together material from a variety of sources, to give a flavour of Orkney and its writing. 66 Chapters of articles, stories, short stories and poems. A Who’s Who of Orkney writers over the past century. 240 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting about the Editor. £10

300. Grampian Ways. Journey Over the Mounth by Robert Smith. With 44 photographs taken by the author. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980.19 Chapters, Illustrations and Maps. 269 Pages. £10

301. History of Orkney by William P.L. Thomson. H.B. Published in 1987. 289 Chapters, Measurements of Land, other weights and measures, Skat payments, Denominations of land, Glossary of other terms, References in the chapters, Bibliography and Abbreviations, Index. Text Figures, Photographic Plates. 321 Pages. Contains newspaper cuttings about the book. £15

302. The Third Statistical Account of Scotland. Vol XX A. The County of Orkney. Edited by Ronald Miller. H.B. With D/J Published in 1985. 19 Chapters on the various Parishes of Orkney, Bibliography, Index. Illustrations, Plates. 256 Pages. £15

303. The Boreray Expedition 1980. A report on the ecology and natural history of boreray, St Kilda. Edited by Neil Duncan, David Bullock & Kenneth Taylor. A4 Size Publication. Printed in 1981. Contents: Surveys and Collections, Special Studies, Short Notes, The Importance of Boreray and its wildlife. With recommendations for the future. 38 Pages. £15

304. Bridge Across The Century. The Story of the Forth Bridge. A4 Size Publication printed in 1985. 8 chapters of Text and Photographs. 34 Pages. £10

305. Shetland Museum and Archives Guidebook. Booklet 41 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. Text and Photographs. £8

306.The Wildlife of Rousay Egilsay and Wyre by Craig Whyte. P.B. Published in 2004. Ten chapters. 82 Pages. Includes Illustrations. £6

307. Islands and Lifelines. Exploring the Dramatic Fringes of Britain and Ireland by John Plummer. P.B. Published in 2008. Eleven Chapters which includes chapters on Orkney and Shetland and the Outer Hebrides. 235 Pages. £8. Signed by the Author.

308.The Scottish Islands by George Scott Moncrieff. H.B. With D/J Published in 1963. A Reprint. Contents: The Inner Hebrides, The Outer Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland, Other Islands and a Conclusion. Includes Illustrations. 143 Pages. £8

309. A Stag From Rum An Essay in Poaching By Robert Atkinson. P.B. Published in 2015.Nine Chapters. 85 Pages. £6

310. Lundy, Rockall, Dogger, Fair Isle. A Celebration of the Islands Around Britain. By Mathew Clayton & Anthony Atkinson. H.B. With D/J Published in 2015. 48 Chapters. 182 Chapters. £8

311. Mac’s Croft by Wendy Wood. H.B. With D/J Published in 1946, this is a second edition from 1947. The author gives us a rare picture of an isolated and unspoilt Highland glen where conditions are hardly changing with the passing of generations; a glimpse of a mode of life, rich in description, which is only found today in isolated places by passed by our frantic civilisation.Twelve Chapters and Illustrations. 179 Pages. £10

312. Friends In High Places. The Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (1963-1988) P.B. Published in 1988. Contents: Foreword, Introduction, 5 Chapters, 4 Appendices. Includes Illustrations. 94 Pages. £8

313. The Old Highlands. Being papers read before The Gaelic Society of Glasgow 1895-1906. With an introduction by Neil Munro. H.B. Published in 1908. Contents: Ancient Gaelic Poetry,Social Progress in the Highlands Since the Forty Five, Hymns of the Gael, A Measg Tuath an Gaidhealtachd. Life in the Highlands in the Olden Times, The Legend of the Fiann in the Highland Bards, The Historical Development of the different systems of Education in the Highlands, Na Sean Fhacail, The Gael as seen is his language, The Clan System as a Legal Entity, The Gaelic Language and the People who speak it, The Songs of the Gael. 351 Pages. £30

314. Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel. Glasgow’s Most Loved Hotel. By Bill Hicks and Jill Scott. P.B. Published in 2012.10 Chapters, Acknowledgement’s and Bibliography. Includes 600 Photographs. 160 Pages. £10

315. Fish In Scotland. A4 Type Magazine Published by Visit Scotland. Contents include; Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Coarse Fishing, Sea Fishing, Start Fishing. Includes other articles and illustrations. 80 Pages. £8

316. Discovering Uig -Isle of Lewis. A5 Size Booklet. Published in 1996. Contents: Introduction, Scaliscro & Morsgail, Uig Walks, Valtos, Reef, Kneep & Uigen, Miabhaig & Timsgarry, Uig Hills & Traditional Grazing, Cradhlastaidh & An Aird, Uig Fishing, Ardroil & Carinish, Uig Archaeology, Mangersta, Islivig & Brenish, Uig Flora & Fauna, Directory. Includes Photographs. 48 Pages. £8

317. Callanish Through The Literary Lense. A Historic Scotland Publication. Booklet, 28 Pages of Poems and Photographs. £8

318. Photographic Memories of Scotland. A Century of Change. A4 Size Publication. The Francis Firth Collection. 10 Chapters of Photographs and Text from Melrose to Ayr and Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Arran, Iona, Skye, Oban and north Highlands, the Coast from Fraserburgh to Aberdeen etc, etc. 112 Pages. £10

319. Rambles in Skye With a Sketch of a Trip to St Kilda by Malcolm Ferguson. P.B. A reprint of the original classic published in 2017. 14 Chapters. 163 Pages. £10

320. The Road North. 300 Years of Classic Scottish Travel Writing. Edited by June Skinner Sawyers. P.B. Published in 2000. Contents: The Lowlands, The Highlands, The Western Isles, The Northern Isles. 292 Pages. £8

321. The Teampull on the Isle of Pabbay by Bill Lawson. A Harris Church in its Historical Setting. Booklet, Printed in 1994. Contents: Prologue -The Castle, The Battle, The Duel, Clann Alasdair Ruaidh, The Teampull, The Sand Storm, Alexander Macleod, William MacNeil, Thomas Noble, The Coopers, The Clearance, Cape Breton, Taghay, The Bard, Epilogue -Pabbay Today, Appendix, Suggested Further Reading. 44 Pages. £6

322. The Poor Had No Lawyers. Who Owns Scotland (And how they Got it) By Andy Wightman. P.B. Published in 2011. 32 Chapters, Notes, Bibliography and Further Reading, Appendix, Index. Figures, Tables and Plates. 339 Pages. £8

323.Hebridean Island Memories of Scarp by Angus Duncan. P.B. Published in 2005.30 Chapters, 26 Appendixes, Bibliography, Index. Illustrations. 234 Pages. £8

324. Pollok Centenary. Report of the Inauguration Ceremony, Monday 24th September 1900. Pamphlet, date of printing unknown. 16 Pages. £10

325.Old World Scotland. Glimpses of its Modes and manners by T.F. Henderson. H.B. Published in 1892Twenty Three Chapters. 263 Pages. £45

326. Scotland Ideas For a new Nation 44. P.B. Published in 2014. By Lee Bunce, Oliver Escobar, Patrick Harvie, Dominic Hinde, Stacey Hunter, Jacq Kelly, Laurie Macfarlane, Peter Matthews, Vonny Moyes, Kirsteen Shields, Andy Summers & Ellen Young. 12 Chapters. 88 Pages. £8

327.The Orkney Story by Liv Kjorsvik Schei & Gunnie Moberg. H.B. With D/J Published in 1985. 25 Chapters, Sources Used, Index. Includes Plates. 224 Pages. £10 Includes newspaper cuttings about the book.

328.The Sunset Coasts by Vivian Bird. H.B. With D/J Published in 1970. Contents: Ireland, The Southern Hebrides, The Outer Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland. Includes Illustrations.200 Pages. £10

329. Island of Wings by Karin Altenberg. A novel. A story of love and loss among the dark sea cliffs of St Kilda. P.B. Published in 2011. 312 Pages. £8

330.Skipness Memories of a Highland Estate by Angus Graham. H.B. With D/J Published in 1993. Eighteen Chapters, Index and Illustrations. 141 Pages. £8

331. May The Fire Be Always Lit. A Biography of Jock Nimlin By IDS Thomson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. 16 Chapters, Epilogue, Appendix. Includes Illustrations. 210 Pages. £10.One hundred copies of this book have been specially case bound. This copy is no 75.

332.Dive Scapa Flow by Rod Macdonald. P.B. published in 1990. 8 Chapters, Bibliography, Index. This book is a comprehensive and practical guide to the spectacular and famous Orkney wrecks. Includes Illustrations. 160 Pages. £8

333. RCAHMS Broadsheet 10. The Mallaig Railway. The West Highland Extension 1897-1901. Pamphlet printed in 2002. £5

334.Calbost Folk Museum. Pamphlet, 4 Pages. Printed possibly late 1970’s. £5

335.Breeding Waders of the Hebridean Machair. A4 Size Booklet. Printed in 1984. A Survey of the Waders Breeding on the West Coast of the Uists and Benbecual (Outer Hebrides) 1983.8 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting with a review of the book. £10

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