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The charity fundraising queen of Harris has this week moved the spotlight onto others, after helping to get a new initiative off the ground.

Mairianna Macdonald from Direcleit is already well-known for her constant efforts to put money in the funds of local groups.

Now she’s offered a channel for fundraising to her 85-year-old neighbour Joan, who has been producing hand-knitted mats for cats and wanted proceeds to go to the right place.

After showcasing Joan’s mats on her Facebook page, Mairianna was able to raise £43 in sales ready to donate to the island cat rescue group, Western Isles Support for Cats and Kittens.

Mairianna said: “I prefer to raise money for local groups and smaller organisations that maybe don’t get so much support elsewhere, using table-top sales and sales on Facebook.

“People know that I am looking for things to sell, so they bring me stuff, sometimes boxes of things from their homes or house clearances. Over the years I’ve gained a bit of a reputation.

“The wee mats were knitted by a 85-year-old for kittens and cats, so I decided rather than donating directly to WISCK that I would sell them.

“They were priced at £1.50 each and got snapped up. One customer bought three and it’s their cat Sylver Darling that’s cosied up on his new mat.

“As a result of one pensioner’s hobby there will be £43 on its way to WISCK.

“It’s so nice when someone does something they enjoy and is able to help their community however small that may be. Plus she’s knitting some more so watch this space!”

The pictures show Joan’s mats, including the one occupied by satisfied customer Sylver Darling from Stornoway (Mairianna Macdonald).