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There’s stop-press news today (Monday 22 April) after Saturday’s visit to Stornoway by the Singing Kettle was postponed by low-flying cloud. 

The much-loved Scottish children’s act, famed for its family-friendly show, started its summer island tour with a visit to see the Tiree Tots, and was due to come on to Stornoway with Loganair, for Saturday’s two sold-out shows at An Lanntair.

But according to the Singing Kettle’s travelling partner Artie Trezise, the pair suffered the ultimate frustration of seeing the ground at Stornoway briefly, before the low-lying fog forced a detour back to Glasgow.

Artie told “In my fifty years of touring I have only ever missed four shows, and this one is the only one I have missed through no fault of my own.

“But it’s not Loganair’s fault either – they did their very best to get me there and I could see the ground, but the plane couldn’t land.

“So it was back to Glasgow and, to be honest, back to bed after a very early start. Now they’re pulling out all the stops to get me on a flight which matches availability at the venue for a new date.”

Artie’s promising a date ‘very soon’ and the possibility of an extra show, to make up for all the disappointed fans, young and old, who were looking forward to spending time with the Singing Kettle.

There’s a whistle of relief, certainly, in the Macmillan household in Stornoway, where Ethan was due to celebrate his second birthday with his favourite character.

Mum Jane said the show was to be his big treat, but they went to the chippy instead and he still had a great birthday – they’re just glad to hear there’s a new date coming up!

Sam Talbot, Loganair’s head of marketing and brand, said: “The Singing Kettle is a dear favourite for Scottish families, and it’s clear that audiences across the country still adore the singalongs and antics that only the Singing Kettle can bring.

“We wish Artie all the best on his flights and on the rest of the tour.”

The pictures show a temporarily disappointed Ethan Macmillan (Jane Hepburn Macmillan) and a glum Artie with the always cheerful Singing Kettle (Artie Trezise).