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A bird normally only found in Africa and southern Europe has been spotted at Langass.

The bee-eater is a rare and colourful visitor to North Uist, and the sighting came after one was spotted near Helmsdale in Sutherland last weekend.

The Langass bee-eater recorded on Wednesday caused quite a stir among bird enthusiasts, and prompted a Rare Bird Alert.

Bee-eaters are easily identifiable due to their stunning plumage, which makes them one of the most beautiful birds in Europe. They are around the size of starlings and have red backs, blue under plumage and yellow throats. Their main diet consists of bees, dragonflies and other flying insects, which they catch in mid-air.

While the sighting in North Uist was exciting for ornithologists, the arrival of bee-eaters in the UK raises alarm bells about climate change.
Image credit: Ivan Cujic (library pic)