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Local people who bought tickets for the cancelled Midnight Sun Weekender music festival are being urged to check with their credit companies about getting repayments. 

For those people who paid by credit card - and bought their tickets within the last 120 days - there's a straightforward chance to get their money back.

That's the experience of one islander who contacted after reading our articles on their topic 

They told us: "I went ahead and claimed it through my credit card company last week and once I realised how easy it was and how the process worked, I contacted anyone I knew who had bought tickets to do the same.

"Unfortunately at least one of my friends couldn't claim it back this way as she was one day over the 120 day claim period (from purchase).

"I don't want others to be in the same position because they have waited too long," the reader added.

Others have pointed out that this refund process does not apply to payments by debit cards – and that the insurance which could be purchased at the same time as the ticket, does not cover cancellation of the event, only incidents which prevented the ticket-holder attending the event. 

The festival website still carries the original cancellation statement. "We are heartbroken to announce that due to circumstances outwith our control, we have had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the Midnight Sun Weekender - due to take place on 25th - 27th May in Stornoway.

"Rising costs and limited availability on festival infrastructure, as well as the cost of living crisis having an impact on ticket sales means that we are not in the position to deliver the event that we had hoped to bring to our beautiful island."

Said Ian MacArthur, Midnight Sun Weekender Director “As organisers, we have tried everything we can to overcome the challenges we have faced to stage this event, however it has become impossible for us to move forward. We are deeply disappointed to confirm this news, especially at this late stage and would like to reassure our customers that anyone who has purchased tickets will be able to claim a refund."