Organisers of Rally Hebrides 2017 have publicly thanked all those volunteers who helped make this year's rally another success.

Chief Marshal Donald Flagg - pictured above at the Creed Park track on Saturday - said on the rally's Facebook page:

"I should by now have sent all the marshals a message of thanks but I want to also do it here publicly in case there is anyone I have missed.

"Each and every one of you that came forward to help us were part of a team that I believe put on an incredible show over the weekend. This includes marshals, set-up crew, stage commanders, sponsors, emergency services, safety crew and many many others.

"The rally organisers were really put up against it these last few weeks and in the end we had an event with a new scrutineering location and two brand new stages.

"Over half of the event was set up and ran in new areas which is no easy thing to do. Especially when you know that one of the stages was planned, designed and built in only a week.

"A thank you must also go to everyone who came to spectate and did so safely. A lot of time goes into ensuring that as far as possible we keep you all safe and secure while the rally is running. Our marshals help us to do that and by listening to them and following their instructions on the day you help them in their jobs.

"Finally I'd like to give a special thanks to Neil, not only was he helping with spectator parking on the Friday night but he also turned up at 6.30 on Saturday morning at the Creed Park to do the same. He was still standing there at 5.30 in the evening, smiling and waving at everyone that passed, he refused to leave there to have a break and watch any of the rally. I have had a few messages today asking who he was and praising his work and attitude. Neil, you were an absolute star!"