Police in the Highlands and Islands are again appealing to the public not to drink and drive - with 12 motorists already having been charged with alleged offences this month.

Eight men and four women from across the Highlands and Islands will be the subject of reports to the Procurator Fiscal in relation to drink driving offences.
Five of these incidents occurred over the last weekend alone.

Road Policing Sergeant Donnie Mackinnon said: "Time and again we have warned people that drinking and driving is dangerous and will not to be tolerated so it is disappointing that we continue to stop drivers who are over the limit.
"Anyone getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol not only runs the risk of gaining a criminal record and losing their licence - they also put themselves and other completely innocent road users in danger.
"Over the summer there may be the temptation to have a drink and then drive home. Our message is simple - there is no safe limit. If you need to drive then it is best not to drink at all.
“If you decide to have a drink then make sure you plan your journey home.
"The safety of road users is a priority for us and we will continue to take action against drink drivers. Anyone who has concerns about a suspected drink driver should call 101 or 999 in an emergency situation."