Lews Castle College UHI is offering NC Electrical Engineering Level 5 as a new course for 2018/19.

The College says it strives to meet local and regional demands and annually refreshes its curriculum offer.

This is one of a range of new courses students are able to study at Lews Castle College for the first time.

"This course is aimed at getting people into employment within the electrical industry and is for you if you are interested in a career as an electrician or wish to gain a working knowledge of the electrical contracting industry.

"The course includes electrical wiring, electrical principles, mathematics, safe working practices and earthing systems.

"Electrical Engineers fill key roles in organisations throughout our largest industries, and developments in electrical engineering act as one of the main driving forces in modern day technology.

"Does this sound like an option for you?

"Contact the College to find out more."


Telephone: 01851770000

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