Western Isles Citizens Advice Service is bringing its Scams Awareness Month to an end this week with a final message to look out for each other as well as protecting yourself from scams.

The Scams Awareness Month campaign has been running throughout June, with the Western Isles Citizens Advice Service joining with other CABs across the country as well as partners like Police Scotland, Age Scotland and Trading Standards Scotland, to warn people about scams and help them fight them.

In this final week of the campaign, a spokesperson for Western Isles Citizens Advice Service says, “Throughout June we have been taking our message all across the Western Isles and we’ve had some terrific feedback from people telling us they feel more aware of scams and will be more confident in dealing with them now.

“This is great news. But as we round off the campaign this week, we have one more message for local people. And that is, in addition to protecting yourself from scams, please make sure you are keeping an eye on others and doing your bit to protect them as well. Particularly those who are perhaps more vulnerable, like any elderly or isolated people you know.     

“Remember, the basic message of this campaign is to be sceptical about any sudden offers, and also to report any scam you come across to the police or Trading Standards. Please do what you can to spread that message to anyone you think may not have heard it yet.

“The fight against scams is a fight for all of us. That means we all need to look out for each other as well as protecting ourselves.”  

For more information on the campaign go to https://twitter.com/CitAdviceScotand https://www.cas.org.uk/campaigns/scams-awareness-month-2018