The beach at Bayble Pier on Point has been affected by drunken behaviour and careless discarding of rubbish over recent weeks, beach users report on the Western Isles Noticeboard Facebook page.

One writes: “There are a number of items of clothing and shoes that have been left behind at the beach over the last few weeks.”

The page shows pictures of the items in case anybody is looking for them.

And the writer states: “Also just a polite reminder that there are three big bins on the way off the beach, so there is no excuse for leaving rubbish behind.

“In the last two days my four-year old and I have picked up one-and-a-half bin bags of other people’s rubbish.”

Another user writes: “ There was a mass of teenagers there the other night, drinking and throwing bottles into the sea. Absolutely disgusting behaviour, I wouldn't be surprised if a number of those things are theirs.”

And a third says: “I was there the other night and had to take my daughter off the beach because of the swearing and drinking of some what-seemed-to-be underage kids.

“There was a car parked beside me and overloaded with teens and I got quite rude gestures through the tinted windows as driving off…quite shocked and disappointed.”