An app to support young learners with the acquisition of simple Gaelic phrases is being launched today (Tuesday, October 16) at the Royal National Mod in Dunoon.

Abair Abairtean! Comes from Gaelic educational resources organisation Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig, which commissioned its development.

Abair Abairtean! is available for download now on iTunes. It features 50 phrases suitable for situations around the house and outside.

The phrases are organised by categories such as ‘at the table’ and ‘praise’ and examples include ‘ith do bhiadh’ (eat your food) and ‘nighean mhath’ (good girl).

Abair Abairtean! is the app version of Storlann’s popular handheld Gaelic flashcards, which are available to buy direct from Stòrlann.

Both the app and the flashcards give the phonetic pronunciation alongside the Gaelic and English translations – and the app also has audio for the Gaelic, so users can hear how it should sound.

Shona MacLennan, Chief Executive of Bòrd na Gàidhlig, said: “We are delighted to see this new resource for children and parents.

“It is fun and easy to use, and since the words and phrases are on audio, it’ll provide great support to learners of Gaelic. As it is available on mobile phones and other devices, as well as being free, it is a very attractive resource.”

The handheld flashcards are available to buy for £5 from Storlann’s online shop  –– or by phoning Storlann direct on 01851 700880.

Donald W Morrison, Chief Executive of Storlann Naiseanta na Gaidhlig, said the Mod Showcase at the Queen’s Hall in Dunoon was the natural place for launching the app and the competition.

The aim of Abair Abairtean!, he said, was to support young learners at home.

It is supported by Bòrd na Gàidhlig and aimed at the Early Years and includes phrases that would typically be used in croileagan and at home.

“The app is for general use, to support Gaelic learning, although it is very much aimed at pre-school. A lot of parents who have children in Gaelic Medium Education and don’t have Gaelic themselves can use it for reinforcing Gaelic in the home.

“A significant number of learners compete at the Mod so it’s an appropriate place for us to launch the app and raise awareness of it.”

“It’s a really nice way to bridge the gap between home and school or croileagan, just by bringing the material that they would use in croileagan into the home as well, and it’s user friendly.

“For those who wish to buy the flashcards, they are available online.”