Imagine waking up in Lewis and Harris on New Year's Day 1919, expecting your husband, brother, son or fiancé to be returning from the war.

Then hearing that his ship, the HMY Iolaire, was wrecked only yards from the home shore; that he is one of over 200 lost souls; that he is one of 10 that will never return to the tiny village of Sheshader.

To honour those lost in the tragedy of the Iolaire and those killed in action in the Great and Second World Wars, local residents retired Nicolson Institute teacher Tom Clark and retired photographer and publicist Mike Shailes spent their day erecting plaques at the home locations of the 26, reminding us all of an extraordinary level of losses for a tiny village between 1914 and 1945, one that echoes the terrible toll exacted across all the Islands' villages.