As lecturing staff at Lews Castle College, Shetland, Moray, Inverness, Perth and North Highland Colleges go on strike today  (Wednesday 16th January) the President of the Highlands and Islands Students Association Alan Simpson has released this statement on the impact it will have on students.

“Responsibility for solving this situation lies with the Scottish Government.

"While EIS and Colleges Scotland dig their heels in, it’s students who are caught in the middle. Both sides claim they are putting students first, if that is true they should continue negotiating before any more damage is done.

"Scottish College budgets are in a terrible state and FE education is underfunded. This is resulting in fewer places, fewer courses and fewer opportunities for students.

"This strike will cause classes to be cancelled, assessments to be delayed and exams may not take place. Students' futures are at risk.

"The Scottish Government must step in to resolve this situation urgently.”