Drugs charge

A man has received a recorded police warning after being found to have a quantity of controlled drugs in his possession.
The 24-year-old man was stopped by police as he was a passenger in a vehicle at 12.29pm on Monday (January 28th). He was charged with possession of drugs and issued with a warning before being released.

Court appearance for drink-driver

A 43-year-old woman is to appear in court on February 19th after being caught driving while over the limit yesterday evening (Thursday January 31st).
The woman was stopped on the A857 in Newmarket, arrested and charged with drink-driving. She was released on an undertaking to appear in court on the set date.

Vehicle seized from no-insurance driver

The continuing road traffic campaign by Western Isles police led to a 33-year-old man having his car seized at 10.45pm last night (Thursday January 31st).
The man was driving without insurance and has had his car removed – he will have to pay for it to be returned.

He was reported to the Procurator Fiscal for a number of road traffic offences, including driving without insurance, and for being in possession of drugs.