Highlands and Islands Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron has piled extra pressure on energy regulator Ofgem to reconsider its recommendation to restrict the capacity of the proposed Western Isles interconnector to 450mw .

Donald made his comments after meeting community representatives in Stornoway on Monday (25th March).

Donald said: “Residents of the Western Isles want to have the opportunity to create a better future for their communities, which is why we desperately need the interconnector to have a 600mw capacity so that a variety of future renewable schemes can be accommodated for the long term benefit of local people”.

“Locals have shown again and again that they have the passion, commitment and expertise to make things happen in terms of renewable energy.

“The interconnector is a once in a generation opportunity which must not be blown by a short-sighted decision by Ofgem lacking in ambition.

“There is a major task to be done in the Western Isles which is to take advantage of the islands’ natural resources of wind and wave power to strengthen our communities.

“What we are saying to Ofgem is: ‘Give us the tools, and we will finish the job’.”

The photograph shows Donald Cameron MSP being interviewed by the BBC in Stornoway on Monday. Donald took the opportunity to emphasise the importance of the interconnector decision and to call for a fairer local government financial settlement for the Western Isles.