College lecturers across Scotland are to escalate their industrial action over pay.

Members of the EIS Further Education Lecturers' Association (FELA) voted to intensify their action.

They have already staged four one-day strikes.  Strikes have now been scheduled for 8, 15 and 16 May. 

Lecturers will now be taking part in industrial action on other days too.  This will involve refusing to record student results in their employer's results system and a withdrawal of goodwill.

In the latest ballot, the Yes vote was 89.8%; No: 10.2% and the turnout: 54.9%.

EIS general secretary, Larry Flanagan, said union officials had "attempted to negotiate in good faith throughout this process, and continue to ask only for a fair pay settlement in line with public sector pay policy".

The employers' association, Colleges Scotland, has said most lecturers have received large rises in recent years because of an agreement to equalise pay across the country.

John Gribben, from Colleges Scotland Employers' Association, spoke of his extreme disappointment about the outcome of the ballot backing escalation of the dispute.

Colleges Scotland said it would continue to meet with the FELA to try to resolve the dispute.

Commenting on the EIS-FELA’s decision to strike for three days in May during the exam period, Mr Gribben said: 

 “It is extremely disappointing but not surprising news, as the EIS-FELA is constantly on strike and it is their idea of negotiating.  The EIS-FELA is out of control and by also committing to withholding students’ assessment results they have crossed a line which is recklessly gambling with students’ futures.

 “By announcing three days of strikes during the exam period, the EIS-FELA has compounded its attack on students and is trying to cause maximum disruption to the students, but colleges will do everything in their powers to mitigate the impact. 

“This is the behaviour of an unprofessional, reckless body which is displaying contempt for college students.  The EIS-FELA’s conduct is in stark contrast to the EIS, which promised not to take teachers out on strike during exams had that pay dispute resulted in strike action.

 “In October 2018, Colleges Scotland Employers’ Association signed a two-and-a-half-year deal with the support staff trade unions, UNISON, Unite, and GMB, after both parties compromised, but the EIS-FELA is unreasonable and refuses to compromise.  The EIS as a corporate body has agreed a three-year deal for teachers with the Scottish Government and COSLA which involved compromises on both sides, so we are calling for EIS General-Secretary Larry Flanagan to personally take control of the pay dispute talks and take over from the EIS-FELA as they have proved utterly incapable of negotiating or compromising.”