Consultations are currently being held on fireworks in Scotland.

The Scottish Government is holding consultations encouraging the public to have their say on fireworks regulations.  

Fireworks are traditionally associated with festivities which celebrate events that are important to different communities across Scotland.

Fireworks can bring colour and excitement to the special occasions that are important to people.

However, fireworks are potentially dangerous and need to be used safely and handled with care to avoid serious injury.

For some, the noise made by setting off fireworks can be a nuisance, and the disturbance can cause distress to both people and animals.

A spokesperson, said: “The Scottish Government is keen to hear your views on whether the regulations on how fireworks are used needs to be improved.

“As part of the consultation, two events are being held in Stornoway Town Hall on Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 2pm and then at 6pm. We would encourage everyone with an interest in fireworks to attend.”