A pair of handcrafted one-of-a kind musical instruments are to be auctioned off in aid of The Leanne Fund.

Dr Ali Whiteford of Garrabost, Isle of Lewis, who makes and repairs string instruments, has created a bespoke Long Island guitar and a Mandocaster mandola and will sell them to raise funds for those affected by Cystic Fibrosis.

The instruments are the fruits of labour of Dr Whiteford who is well known luthier and musician.

Chrisetta Mitchell, Development Manager for The Leanne Fund said: “We are so grateful to Ali for offering to auction these beautiful instruments in aid of The Leanne Fund.

“They are stunning unique instruments and we’re sure there will be a lot of interest in them.”

Part of the inspiration to make the Long Island guitar came a number of years ago whilst at a concert in the An Lanntair Arts Centre given by well known local musician, Willie Campbell. The stage backdrop to Willie’s performance was a large map of the Western Isles. For one number, Willie was playing a solid electric guitar. The outline of the Long Island, with the large indent of Broad Bay seemed a natural fit for the body of a guitar, Broad Bay coinciding with the neck cut-away in the body of a guitar which allows for easy playing at the top end of the neck. To give the instrument some soul, it was handed over to well known island guitarist and guitar technician, David ‘Doylie ‘ Macdonald, who produced instrument with a good action and excellent tone.

The Mandocaster mandola was designed and built as a result of a commission for a solid electric instrument but, subsequently, the commissioner sadly passed away. The instrument has elements of Stratocaster design in the neck end and scratch plate. The neck, made from mahogany, runs straight through the body - eliminating the need for a neck/body joint - with the body being built up with ash, again with the thickness carved for comfort and weight. 

Anyone wishing to view the instruments can contact The Leanne Fund office on 01851 702020 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Bids for the guitar will start from £600 and £400 for the mandola. Sealed bids should be sent to or hand delivered to The Leanne Fund office before 5pm on July 31.

Pictures from Sandie Maciver.