Island residents who want to continue buying Iolaire poppy pins are being asked to vote for them to be reintroduced for next year’s Remembrance commemorations.

A Facebook survey asking whether people want to see the pins being made once again has been published at with 94% of votes in favour of a new edition of the pin.

Created by the Iolaire Working Group during planning for the centenary of the tragedy, the distinctive pins were an immediate hit with Lewis and Harris people. Over 10,000 were sold, including to online buyers from Canada, New Zealand, West Africa and Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands.

They were worn from the Armistice centenary in November 2018 and all the way through January this year, as the islands remembered the centenary of the Iolaire tragedy. Money raised through the sale of the pins helped to meet some of the costs of the award-winning centenary events.

In the build-up to this month’s Remembrance events some buyers approached both Poppy Scotland and the Iolaire Centre planning group, looking to buy additional Iolaire poppies as a replacement or to give to family members. However, the poppies have not been produced this year.

Votes are open on the Facebook page for the next two days.