A locket holding two portraits of a loved one is ready to be reunited with its owner, after being accidentally added to a donation bucket.

Bethesda Hospice fundraisers found the gold locket, which opens to reveal two portraits of a man – possibly the same man at different ages – after a bag-packing day at the Co-op last week.

The locket, without a chain and of a size similar to a coin, seemed to have been accidentally dropped into the collection along with a handful of change.

Now Bethesda are keen to reunite the precious keepsake with its owner.

A spokesperson for Bethesda said: “During our bag-packing fundraiser last week at the Co-op Store Macaulay Road, a gold locket was found in amongst the collection.This must be of sentimental value to someone and may have been mistakenly dropped from a purse into our collection tubs.”

Anyone who thinks they know who owns the locket can contact Bethesda Hospice on 01851 706222.