A Belgian adventurer who has been living in his car for over two weeks is desperately appealing for accommodation.  

Pierre De Greef moved to Scotland last year and was living with friends.  

However, the recent coronavirus situation resulted in Pierre having to leave.  

Pierre comments: "Coronavirus has impacted everyone and recently, they had to take home in emergency, a family member out from the hospital to prevent him from catching the virus, which would definitely kill him.

"I obviously couldn't no longer stay there, that would multiply the risks for him.

"So for me, I had to leave my accommodation.  And I know that it was a terrible dilemma for my friend to ask me to leave but he couldn't do otherwise."

Pierre is unable to return back to Belgium and all his best efforts to find accommodation have failed.  "I'm asking if anyone in the isle could let or rent, for a very modest amount, something like a caravan or a tourist hut," he appeals.  "I'm really facing an impossible situation.

"And I'm scared about vandalism because of my Belgium plate."

Pierre previously experienced vandalism after his tent and gear were damaged in the Castle Grounds in 2018.

Pierre can be reached on 07470 015640 at any time.