Japan was one of the first countries outside China to confirm cases of Coronavirus in January, but the country’s Government has taken a cautious approach to containment measures.
That’s been most noticeable to the rest of the world because of the country’s obvious reluctance to call off the 2020 Olympic Games, due to be held in Tokyo in July.
Although these have now been cancelled, schools shut at the end of January are due to re-open next week. Cases of the virus in Tokyo are climbing and Japan’s citizens are not sure whether their Government is adopting the right approach to the virus.
They are watching the rest of the world and wondering whether they, too, should be much more concerned about what is happening.
Fumiko lives in Kagoshima in the south of the country and has been writing to our correspondent Annie Delin. Here’s what she said yesterday: “In Japan, patients are increasing rapidly. Schools are all closed, and sports are cancelled, but our life is as usual yet. I think it is better we stay at home as possible. We go to work as usual. All we can do is wear a mask, air the room, wash and disinfect hands...
“In Kagoshima, one case was confirmed. This person lives in England and came back Kagoshima a week ago and got a fever. There is no other case now. So the prefectural government doesn't take any measures. I really worry about this situation.
“Schools have been closed for a month now, but they will start again next week. I am really angry about this decision. Around Tokyo, the number of infected persons is increasing, so their schools will close until at least May now, but it only around
Tokyo. I also don't want to let my son go to school and, if it is possible, I don't want to go work.
“In Japan, people who came back from other countries get a test and, if they are negative, then they can enter. So people develop Coronavirus after that, but the government still doesn’t takes any other measures about that.
“Japanese government looks like they haven’t learnt anything from other countries. I hope that the Japanese government makes the decision to lockdown quickly.
“It is really serious problem. I think doing too much is not too much in this situation. I hope that the government takes much more measures as quickly as possible.
“Anyway, I do my best in this situation and try not to feel down!”
Pictures show business as usual in the old town in Kyoto, schools return next weekoutside Tokyo.