A minke whale has died after becoming entangled in rope and later live stranded on Barra.

The whale was spotted on Sunday 19 May by a group of local kayakers.  

One kayaker entered the water and was able to pull a section of rope from the whale's mouth.

Video footage was captured by Barra Surf Adventures of the whale, which was still alive shortly after the rope was removed.

Despite efforts to save the whale, the animal washed ashore on Sunday evening and quickly died, possibly from exhaustion.  

The Scottish Entanglement Agency (SEA) stated: "This case again highlights the welfare implications of entanglements, for example it appears that this animal has suffered a fractured jaw.

"Although we cannot say for certain, it is plausible based on the severity of the injuries that at one point this animal was anchored by the entangling ropes to the seabed, and in attempting to free itself, has sustained significant damage which almost certainly would have prevented it from feeding."

Photographs captured by a member of the Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme (SMASS) showed the whale had been entangled not only around its mouth, but also its tail.  SEA commented: "The injuries suggest that someone else had also attempted to free the animal by cutting away other entangling lines, which were no longer present by the time the kayakers encountered it."

First image: Chris Denehy

Second and third images: Bruce Taylor and Kirsty Macdonald