The quality of teaching at Stornoway Primary School is 'satisfactory' according to a report by HM Inspectorate.

However, inspectors reported that they were not yet fully satisfied with some of the provision in the early learning and childcare settings at the school. 

As a result, they will work with the Comhairle to build capacity for improvement, maintaining contact to monitor progress.

Key strengths of the school were:

* Polite, well-mannered and articulate children who are very keen to learn.

* The positive and caring relationships between all staff and their pupils.

* The range of achievements which are building children’s confidence

Areas where there was room for improvement included:

* Develop further staff confidence and skills to plan quality learning experiences across all playrooms. 

* Ensure consistency and challenge in learners’ experiences with children clear on their next steps in learning and attainment.

* Develop further self-evaluation and the curriculum to drive improvements in children’s progress and attainment in both Gaelic Medium and English provisions.

* Increase the use of Gaelic for delivering the curriculum from P2 and ensure that all children have opportunities to hear and use Gaelic in all features of the school’s work.

To view the full review, see here.