Angus Brendan MacNeil MP has joined Save the Children's campaign, and, along with 2,000 campaigners, he has written a welcome message to the lone child refugees arriving in the UK - and he is encouraging his constituents to do the same. 

Almost 2,000 unaccompanied children have arrived in the UK this year, many of whom have fled war and persecution.

The messages written for these children will be published in books distributed all over the UK to help child refugees to learn English.

Angus Brendan said: “I’m delighted to support Save the Children’s campaign to welcome child refugees in the UK. These children have been through so much – fleeing conflict and persecution. I’m glad that the UK can help provide them with a safe home and a fresh start.”

“As winter sets in I remain concerned about the plight of child refugees in Europe who are all alone and have no family with them. I’m supporting Save the Children’s call on the UK government to offer to relocate up to 3,000 of these children to the UK.” 

Join the campaign, and write your welcome message here: