The village of North Tolsta is set to lose its broadband, customers of have been told.

An email was circulated yesterday which stated that the ISP would cease to serve the area from the end of January 2016.

The mast which relays the broadband to North Tolsta is attached to Aird School, which is scheduled for demolition 'imminently'.

While other areas can swap their contract for the recently developed BT superfast fibre broadband, Tolsta is not scheduled for fibre switch-on until June 2016.

The email read: "You are receiving this e-mail as we have been advised by Connected Communities that they will shortly be unable to provide service in the North Tolsta area. Their withdrawal of service is due to the demolition of the building which their transmitter mast is mounted to. 

"Due to the imminent availability of fibre phone-line-based broadband in your area, they did not consider it to be commercially viable to build a new mast."

One furious customer told "It's a total disgrace. 

"Broadband here has been so bad for years, and when they finally get it sorted, the service is cancelled." were unavailable for comment.