At Hebridean Housing Partnership’s Board meeting in November, Angus Lamont, Chief Executive of HHP, informed the Board of his intention to retire in May 2016. 

The Chairman, George Lonie said “It is with mixed feelings that I announce the retirement of Angus Lamont our Chief Executive. Professionally Angus will be a huge loss to the housing service in Scotland which he has served for over 34 years. As Director of Housing at the Comhairle Angus steered us through a difficult transition to form HHP. He has managed the dedicated and talented team at HHP to the success they have achieved to date in investing over £30 million in existing homes and building nearly 350 new homes for the families in the islands. On a personal level I’ve known Angus for most of his 30 years in the Western Isles and it is hard to imagine HHP without him at the helm. Angus’ commitment and dedication to provide a decent standard of homes in the Western Isles is a tribute to the person he is.

I have enjoyed immensely working with Angus over the years as a colleague and a friend; it has been an absolute honour and a pleasure and on behalf of the HHP Board I wish him a long and happy retirement”.

Angus Lamont said “It’s been a real privilege to have worked in the housing service both at the Comhairle and HHP for so many years.”