Plans for a new church on part of the woodlands next to Smith Avenue in Stornoway have led to on-line protests.

More than 40 people commented on the Facebook Page after our report was published on Saturday.


Derek Morrison explained: “I believe the church will also be used as a community facility, open seven days a week and in addition to the building being used for the work of the fellowship the premises will also be available to charities and all sorts of agencies at very reasonable letting rates.

“The manager at Smithton Church, Inverness was telling me the other day that they are so busy that they would have to expand even further to cope with the huge demand for the use of that particular modern all purpose facility.

“Lots of children from all different backgrounds will be using the new Stornoway church in the future and if you work for the NHS, Police Scot, the Council and other such agencies you might also.”

But the overwhelming number of respondents wanted more thought about the hundreds of trees which will be cleared from the site.  A number suggested alternative locations in existing buildings, such as the former British Legion building on South Beach and the former church in James Street.

Many expressed the view that there were too many churches already and suggested sharing of buildings or the re-use of disused premises.

Sam Taggart commented: “It still doesn't make it right to have another Church with a huge car park bigger than Tesco’s to be built on this woodland site when there are empty premises and empty churches in the town or even join forces and share a church (I used to live in a town where the Catholics used a C of E church to conduct their services) – that would make more sense as money is so tight these days.”

Official comments can be made to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar here