A big exhibition of artworks based around the rocks of the Shiant Isles is on display in Edinburgh.

They are by Jill McManners who has been spending her summers on Harris for the past 30 years.  

Jill is pictured right on the giant scree slopes on Garbh Eilean.

The exhibition is on until Saturday May 7.

Jill used to work in a Fine Art bronze foundry and has always been fascinated by geology and rocks.  She has created large-scale watercolours painted on a heavy rough Italian paper though several layers of colour washes, scraping and gum.  The paintings have architectural titles, or are quotes from poems or rock songs.

Entitled Basalt, the exhibition is on at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.in 6 Dundas Street, Edinburgh (EH3 6HZ)

Jill made her first of visit to the Hebrides in 1979 and the Shiant Isles in 2003. Jill’s family took a short boat trip from their holiday home in the Sound of Harris. Having long been inspired by the origins of the world, the corrugations and convolutions of the intimidating cliff faces struck Jill profoundly, she says.

These basalt rocks were formed by volcanic action 60 million years ago; basaltic sills and dykes were created from lava flow which can now be seen above the sea level forming the amazing dolerites cliffs and intimidating coast line.

Hanging alongside these panoramic watercolours are Flowers of Basalt; a series of Giclée prints.  They make up kaleidoscopes of spinning flower faces.  Mother-of-three Jill is a gardener herself and flower shapes and colours merge with the rock faces and their textures.